ATS2992 The Global Immersion Guarantee

The Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG) is an immersive experience which gives students the opportunity to travel overseas and learn in the field. The 12-credit point unit is offered at Monash University Australia and includes fully-funded travel to a number of destinations including India, Indonesia, Italy and Malaysia. GIG students apply their knowledge on environmental sustainability, economic development and social issues to real situations, learn from local stakeholders, and engage with communities.

Check out the GIG officially website for more information.

Our role

The Malaysia Immersion and Pathways collaborates with Monash University Australia to organise and deliver the GIG unit in Malaysia. We work closely with our Australian counterparts on:

  • Course planning
  • Logistics
  • Academic content

Prior to program launch, we scout suitable fieldwork locations and recruit local stakeholders. The program itself is run by academics and logistics professionals from the Malaysia Immersion and Pathways. Together, we work to ensure students get the most out of their experience here and have opportunities to engage meaningfully with local communities.

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