BIO2810 Tropical Ecology

In BIO2810: Tropical Ecology, students are introduced to the fundamental theories and concepts of ecology to understand how populations of plants and animals survive and interact in tropical environments. Through accumulating hands on experience conducting experiments and in the field, students will learn how ecological theory can be applied in the management and conservation of tropical environments.

Our role

The Malaysia Immersion and Pathways collaborates with the School of Science to organise and deliver BIO2810 during the first semester. We work closely with our colleagues on

  • Course planning
  • Academic content

Prior to program launch, we scout suitable fieldwork locations and recruit local stakeholders. The program itself is run by academics and logistics professionals from the School of Science and the Malaysia Immersion and Pathways. Together, we work to ensure students get the most out of their experience and have opportunities to engage meaningfully with local communities and the Malaysian environment.

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