SCI2800 Human Ecology and Biodiversity

SCI2800: Human Ecology and Biodiversity is an upcoming 2nd year unit under the Tropical Environmental Biology major in the School of Science. This 6-credit point unit is offered during the summer and is delivered entirely in the field, with seminars, workshops, and practical sessions all being held on site. The unit encourages science students to inculcate skills that are pertinent to field research, and to understand the intersections between human societies (particularly indigenous communities) and ecology.

Our role

The Malaysia Immersion and Pathways collaborates with the School of Science to organise and deliver SCI2800 in the summer. We work closely with our colleagues on

  • Course planning
  • Logistics
  • Academic content

Prior to program launch, we scout suitable fieldwork locations and recruit local stakeholders. The program itself is run by academics and logistics professionals from the School of Science and the Hub. Together, we work to ensure students get the most out of their experience and have opportunities to engage meaningfully with local communities and the Malaysian environment.

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