Current Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

MIH Exhibitions give researchers an opportunity to showcase their work and students a space to learn in exciting new ways. In the long-run, we aim to engage the wider public through recurring exhibitions which demonstrate our commitment to education and research excellence.

Amazing Insects: A Taste of Malaysian Biodiversity

Malaysia is one of the 17 internationally recognised “Megadiverse Countries” on the planet. This means that our rainforests house a significant majority of all species on Earth. As residents of this beautiful country, we are delighted to share our backyards with some of the most amazing plants and animals known to humankind. Amazing Insects features a sampling of specimens from all the major insect orders to give us a brief taste of the true biodiversity that exists out there. This exhibition is a collaborative project between
Dr. Cyren Wong from the Malaysia Immersion Hub (MIH), and Dr. Zoe Yek from the School of Science.

Venue: Quiet Study Area, Library & Learning Commons.

Tattoos and Identity

Why do people get tattoos and what meanings do they make of them? How have these practices changed over time? This special exhibition attempts to answer these questions while showcasing the diverse stories and backgrounds of people who get tattooed and people who practice the art of tattooing in Malaysia.

We are currently looking for participants for this project! If you have tattoos or if you tattoo,
get in touch with us now: