E-learning Showcase

E-learning Showcase

All of our General Studies units utilize e-learning and blended-learning approaches with the aim of
better engaging students and allowing students more flexibility. In some cases, such as with Communicative Malay, formal learning is done completely independently with 100% of classes online. In others, such as with Ethnic Relations, online modules complement face-to-face classes and also facilitate experiential learning.

Many of these e-learning classes are designed to be modular and can be easily plugged into other existing units or programs. Below you will find three samples of e-learning modules currently available at Monash University Malaysia.

Arriving in Malaysia

Lesson 1 of 15 e-learning modules in Communicative Malay, a fully independent-study and online unit.
The module was designed specifically for international students and their needs while studying at Monash Malaysia.

Getting to know the Orang Asli

An interactive lesson that introduces students to indigenous communities in Malaysia. This module is currently available as a supplementary resource and complements a group project assessment in Ethnic Relations.

Sacred Kuala Lumpur

An experiential lesson that takes the form of an ‘audio tour’. Students are guided through a walking tour of places in K.L. with historic and religious significance. The module is designed for use on mobile phones but may also be viewed on a computer.