About the Program

About the Program

In AMU2455: Special Topic in Social Science, you will be presented with the opportunity to explore the country while applying your research skills and theoretical knowledge in real-live settings! 

This field-based unit is run in two separate blocks (of 2 weeks each) during the Summer Semester and is delivered through a series of field-trips, workshops, and hands-on seminars that will cover the topic of nature, culture, and environmental sustainability in the Malaysian context. Some of the learning outcomes you can hope to gain through this unit are:

  • A basic understanding of society and culture in Malaysia.
  • A basic understanding of biodiversity and nature in Malaysia.
  • A basic understanding of the challenges involved in implementing sustainability in local communities.
  • Skills for conducting ethnographic field-research in the social sciences.

This unit is run alongside its sister unit, ATS2992: Global Immersion Guarantee, and is an opportunity for you to network and collaborate with students from our Clayton Campus in Australia.

Please explore our past programs for more information on how the unit is run, and check out the testimonials of our former students to get a sense of how this unit might be meaningful to you. If you require any additional information, you may also make an appointment with Dr. Cyren Wong or Dr. Caryn Lim to drop by for a chat.