Inaugural Run (2019)

The inaugural run of AMU2455: Special Topic in Social Science took place in January 2019 to great success! 86 students from both Malaysia and Clayton campuses came together to propose creative solutions for the issues and challenges involved in performing cultural and biodiversity conservation in Malaysia.

Through a series of field trips around Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and the Klang Valley, our students were encouraged to not only immerse themselves in the culture and environment, but to gain insight on local perspectives as well. Students were given the opportunity to interact and network with local stakeholders who were activists, business owners, and community members, and had the opportunity to put some of their field-research and investigative skills to good use.

As the unit was interdisciplinary in nature, our students were under the constant guidance of four academic supervisors from the School of Science and School of Arts and Social Sciences, respectively, to help them with their chosen projects. These were some of our favourite moments from last year!

Learning from the Mah Meri Tribe

Exploring the Streets of Kuala Lumpur

Engaging with Local Stakeholders in Penang