A customised training

Google Malaysia promotes Google Ignite to help students excel in the field of digital marketing.

The rise of the Internet alongside mobile has definitely revolutionised the way we communicate and do business. Because of this, digital interactivity is now at the heart of most companies’ marketing strategies.

Google Ignite, a Google certified training program, is a customised digital marketing program that helps students become excellent digital marketers. Denise Gamo, SMB (small and medium-sized business) Marketing Manager at Google Malaysia, was on campus recently, to share more about the training program  with interested students.

With the program, students will gain a competitive edge, as they grow their digital talent. The training-to-internship program will jumpstart their careers as well as connect them to top employers and Google affiliates. They also stand a chance of earning a Google Adwords certification, which would  be helpful when when applying for a job later.

Denise Gamo

Gamo also shared that students will experience the newest form of marketing and would be able to work with a wide variety of talent with a Google AdWords certification in hand. A short Question and Answer session led students to asking about a future of working with Google and the duration for the training  program. The training will undoubtedly help young talents find full time marketing jobs at companies and agencies of their choice.

To find out more about the Google Ignite program, click here.

The talk was organised by the Employment and Career Development unit, Monash University Malaysia.