Exploring career, internship options

Career fair connects industry players to Monash Malaysia students.

The Monash Career & Internship Fair 2016, held on 16-17 August, showcased a range of job and internship opportunities with big names in the industry.

Representatives from some 30 organisations including CIMB, Unilever, Astro, Deloitte, EcoWorld, Shell, KPMG, PayPal, Maybank, Flexiroam, and many more, gathered at the Monash Sports Centre, where they met Monash students seeking a career match. The event also gave the students an opportunity to network  and  get  a feel of what an experience with their future employers may be like.

Commenting on why KPMG looked forward to recruiting Monash students, the company’s Talent Acquisition Executive, Ezreena said: “Monash students are ready to take on real life and work challenges. They also have good communication skills and are confident. This fair is a chance to meet new  candidates  and  get new applicants.”

At another booth, Flexiroam Senior Talent Catcher Stephen Tan explained that the roaming service provider targets a younger demographic to join the workforce. “They are more passionate and are on fire for the job compared to those who have been in the workforce for a long time. In fact, many of  our  interns  usually eventually decide to stick on with the company and pursue a career here.”

The Monash Career Fair is a yearly event organised by the Student Services Department and includes an employer forum, where future employers discuss career prospects, current market trends and labour market awareness issues with students.