Inno Biologics signs MOU with Monash Malaysia

Inno Biologics signs Memorandum of Understanding with Monash University Malaysia.

Monash Malaysia and Inno Biologics signed a Memorandum of Understanding recently, with the aim of joint application for pre-commercialisation funding from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI).

“The key to partnerships of this nature is capacity building. This is a very exciting project and it has all the hallmarks of success at this stage. We will continue to be supportive because it is exactly the sort of partnership and project that this University should be doing. Beyond this project,  we hope and expect to see broader collaborations developing with our other schools and research platforms, particularly with the School of Science, School of Pharmacy and the Tropical Medicine and Biology multidisciplinary research platform,” Professor Helen Bartlett, President and Pro Vice-Chancellor  at Monash Malaysia said.

Prof Bartlett acknowledged and congratulated Associate Professor Md. Ezharul Haque Chowdhury from the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences, for establishing the partnership between Inno Biologics and Monash Malaysia, and also for his 15 years of research, subsequently developing the  world’s first PH sensitive inorganic nanoparticles.

“The MOU will serve to enhance the Research and Development (R&D) between the industry and academics. I sincerely feel it is our obligation to leverage on the possibility of commercialising this in-house technology for the benefit of the nation,” Yusri Bin Bulat, Acting President of  Inno Biologics shared.

The signed MOU is hoped to strengthen the collaboration between Inno Biologics and Monash Malaysia in commercialising the nanotechnology for drug delivery and finally achieving the goals of advanced and better health care.