Leadership skills recognised

PhD student, Felicia Lim, wins the Australasian Peer Leader Award 2016 (Outstanding new PASS leader category).

In recognition of excellence and contribution to student learning, The National Centre for Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS), Australia, recognised and awarded the Australasian Peer Leader Award 2016 (Outstanding new PASS leader category) to PhD student, Felicia Lim Phei Lin on 27 September 2016 at the University of Wollongong, Australia. The award is in recognition of Lim’s leadership and contribution in the PASS program involving pharmacy students at the School of Pharmacy.

Lim is the first winner of the award for Monash University Malaysia and the second successful recipient of the award from Monash University since 2011. She joined the PhD program at Monash Malaysia under the supervision of Associate Professor Anton Dolzhenko, School of Pharmacy, in early 2015. Lim’s research focuses on the development of new synthetic methods for the preparation of potentially bioactive purine isosteres with particular interest towards multicomponent reactions and microwave-assisted synthesis.

According to Lim, she participated in the PASS program to learn and develop educational and leadership skills. “I had inspiring educators that made a difference in my life. I wanted to make a difference for my students,” she said.

Lim was nominated for the award by the Education Management Unit, Monash University Malaysia, who appreciated her leadership skills in the PASS program at the School of Pharmacy. Besides facilitating PASS sessions, Lim also mentors new leaders to the program.

“I am very honoured and grateful that my contribution towards the PASS program in the School has been recognised. My supervisor, Dr Dolzhenko, provided me with the opportunity to be a PASS leader, and this has inadvertently developed my leadership skills,” Lim stated. She also credited her students whom she enthused were her pride and joy. “Watching them grow to achieve their goals throughout the semester has been the most rewarding aspect of PASS”.

The PASS programme was implemented in Monash Malaysia in 2014. It is a free, voluntary, academic assistance program that provides a platform for students to discuss issues related to course material and student life in a friendly, informal environment with peers and trained student facilitators.

All sessions are led by PASS leaders who are students with strong academic inclinations and have successfully completed their units. PASS is not a remedial program but one which targets difficult units to help students needing some assistance.

For more information on the PASS Programme at Monash Malaysia, please visit http://www.monash.edu.my/ceo/education/pass