MBA program benefits non-business graduates too

If you think an MBA program is not suitable for a non-business graduate, worry not!

According to Professor Christina Lee Kwai Choi, Head of the MBA Program at Monash University Malaysia, technical people with strong business acumen are now highly sought after by employers.

She said employers are looking for leaders who are able to put together technical knowledge and business fundamentals “to create a holistic picture against an ever-changing backdrop.”

“Businesses are faced with constant change in today’s turbulent environment and those businesses that do not evolve with these changes will be left behind.

“To take advantage of the opportunities offered by the emerging economies around our region, we need strategists and technical people with strong business acumen, who are able to integrate their technical expertise with strategic thinking,” she said.

Lee explained that an MBA program will empower those with technical backgrounds to take on the challenge of a tough business environment.

“Employers are looking for people who are able to catch the next wave of new business opportunities – these people are critical thinkers, which are one of the key attributes desired in MBA graduates,” she said.

The Monash Malaysia MBA program is designed to train its students in critical thinking and complex problem solving in an uncertain business environment.

“Graduates are constantly encouraged to challenge conventional thinking in business decision making and coached in combining acumen with an analytical approach,” she said.

Prof Christina Lee

Lee said the program will help technical professionals develop a clearer understanding of organisational, market and stakeholders’ needs to align technical development with business strategy.

Technical knowledge is essential in building a career in a specialised field but as one matures in a company, more managerial or strategic skills are expected.

“Technical professionals will not only gain knowledge of business fundamentals such as finance, human resources and business strategy, they also develop skills in communication, leadership and negotiation through our program,” she said.

As a program designed for working adults, Lee said the course provides fundamental business knowledge that extends the working adults’ experience by linking their experience to theoretical knowledge.

“An understanding of business fundamentals provides a higher chance of success for the entrepreneurial-minded technical professionals who wish to start their own business.

“Ample opportunities are provided for the students to share their experiences and debate on the veracity of the theory from their business experiences,” she said.

There are two core components within the program – the Study Tour and the Experiential Learning Project, which integrates theory and practice in students’ study experience.

Lee said it is imperative for MBA students to develop cultural sensitivity when dealing with international business partners as many businesses today extend beyond the shores of Malaysia.

“Through our study tour, we provide insights into today’s culturally diverse business environment.

“Students will learn to adapt and design sustainable business strategies suited to a company within the global economy,” she said.