More inviting, more engaging

The Library and Learning Commons finally opens its doors after a 20% expansion.

After several months of intensive transformation and renovation, the Library and Learning Commons expansion has finally opened its doors, The expansion comes with a 20% additional seating capacity which is more inviting and engaging.

The new ‘Lounge’ provides a combination of sofas, ottomans, low chairs, coffee tables, and print and ‘Ask A Librarian’ stations. The use of rich fabric tones and wooden furniture creates an atmosphere of warmth and creative energy.

Acknowledging varied learning preferences, you will now have a choice between individual and collaborative, quiet and social spaces. The ‘Learn’ and ‘Contemplate’ zones and the individual study alcoves along the corridor have been designed for self-directed learning and research.

Power outlets and WIFI are available throughout the new expansion, making it convenient to access Library resources, charge devices and use Monash print options.

Two new collaborative spaces, located just beyond the ITS Service Desk, are integral to the Library and Learning Commons expansion. The ‘Create’ and ‘Engage’ space were designed as informal learning spaces to create, invent, collaborate and work in groups. You will have access  to the facilities through an active Monash ID. The spaces will also be accessible every day from 7am until regular library closing hours.