What do you look like?

Form an impressive online presence of yourself for a career opportunity of your choice.

2 March 2016

The digital age continues to shape the professional landscape. Our society is well-versed in the language of social media - to communicate and connect. However, many are still at a loss on how to optimise these platforms to build networks, and subsequently develop strong careers for themselves.

A LinkedIn Workshop - “Succeeding as a Professional in the Digital Age” - by LinkedIn Relationship Manager Daren Yoong, was held recently for the Monash University Malaysia Business Alumni providing them a step-by-step guideline on how to get started on a profile,  which includes uploading an appropriate photo, writing some useful information and highlighting individual skills.

“Starting your LinkedIn account is very simple. All it needs is a first name, last name, email and password. Then you’re done,” Yoong said.

In the interactive session, he also shared that an average professional adult spends 86,400 hours of his lifetime working.

“86,400 hours is not a small number. If you’re going to be doing something for so long, don’t you want to be good at it? That is why LinkedIn is there to help you build a grand network and amplify your impact in whatever success means for you” he said.

He summarised how a LinkedIn profile can help professional users with these three points:

  1. Identity - Building a reliable and strong online identity.
  2. Network - Connecting with people in a digital way so you always know where people are in real-time.
  3. Knowledge - Providing information to upgrade skill sets in order to stay relevant in individual fields.

Drawing comparisons to the evolution of technology in the last decade, Yoong stressed that the world is changing and professionals need to keep up with the change.

Even organisations now keep a look out for workers who are digitally savvy and have an upbeat online professional profile that highlights their skills and achievements.

He pointed out that Malaysian employers now look for those who are grounded, have good EQ and communication skills, and are involved in voluntary and social work, not just academic grades.

Yoong encouraged everyone to get on LinkedIn, and create a good presence on it, to help build the successful career they desire.

Daren Yoong is a Relationship Manager at LinkedIn and has worked with companies across Southeast Asia to help them hire, market and sell better.