79 students recognised for academic excellence

On 20 September 2017, 79 students were recognised for their academic achievements at the Scholarships Award Ceremony.

“This is always one of the most pleasurable parts of my job, to give away scholarships to excellent and deserving students here at Monash University Malaysia. I want to emphasise for those of you receiving scholarships, it’s a really significant and special achievement because you are receiving a scholarship from a university that consistently rates in the top 100 in the world. That is something to be really proud of. I acknowledge your achievement as students,” said  Professor Andrew Walker, President and Pro VIce-Chancellor (Interim) at Monash Malaysia.

One of the highlights of the ceremony was when two former scholarship recipients, Eugene Ng Chan Ee and Ng Boon Junn, both from the School of Engineering, shared a little on how receiving the scholarships helped them.

Eugene Ng shared: “I would like to thank the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation because it has changed my life. The foundation has enabled me to pursue my tertiary study in this recognised and multicultural university.  Studying in Monash is a new and extraordinary experience to me. I have learned how to think critically, and improve my social and study skills”. Ng also shared that his life’s goal is to study hard and eventually make discoveries that will benefit mankind.

Echoing similar sentiments, PhD student, Ng Boon Junn said, “Now, I am still figuring out my future. Six years in Monash and I am a much changed person. I am still in the process of learning. Great success comes from having the freedom to fail. What I learned throughout my post graduate life is sometimes life’s going to hit you in the head with a brick. I am lucky to have been awarded the Merit Scholarship to pursue my interest in the technology of green energy generation”.

The Ceremony recognised scholars from the five scholarship categories - Jeffrey Cheah Foundation - Monash Equity Scholarship, Monash High Achiever Awards (for continuing students), Monash High Achiever Awards (for new students), Graduate Research Pathway Scholarship, and Monash University Malaysia Merit Scholarship.

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