A lawful collaboration

Law academics from the School of Business, Monash University Malaysia and from the Faculty of Law at Monash University Australia met recently in a two-day session, to explore collaborative opportunities between the two campuses.

“One of the main objectives of the Law Faculty is to give the best law student experience in the Asia Pacific region. Monash Malaysia will be part of this international experience, providing undergraduate law and Juris Doctor (JD) students an opportunity to enhance their experience on educational, international and work-related levels,” shared Professor Bryan Horrigan, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Monash Australia.

Law students from Australia spending time at Monash Malaysia’s School of Business will be able to broaden their perspectives on legal issues in the region. There will be opportunities for discussions with academics from Monash Malaysia as well as other Malaysian and regional universities. Academic linkages between scholars in Australia and Malaysia will also be enhanced.

“Working together with the Monash Malaysia business school, we hope to cross disciplinary and geographical boundaries to bring academics and students to Malaysia. This will facilitate regional and international research as well as educational collaborations,” Prof Horrigan said.