Celebrating the World

Let’s celebrate! With so many cultures and more than 70 different nationalities on campus, The One World Festival was the perfect opportunity for everyone to celebrate diversity.

The 2-day Festival brought together a myriad of booths, to form Global Village, which featured games, activities, and yummy bites from the respective countries represented in Monash Malaysia. From painting eggs (a Polish experience), to snacking on energy ball snacks (from the Middle East) and quail eggs (from Taiwan), students had the opportunity to experience and get to know first-hand the rich and diverse cultures.

One of the main highlights was the One World Photography Exhibition. Prior to the festival, students were invited to participate in a competition themed ‘Celebrating the Sights and Cultures of your Home Country’. 10 finalists were then chosen, to have their photographs exhibited at the festival. Subsequently, 3 were chosen as winners.

First prize: Mohmed Shariq Salahudeen, Sri Lanka
Theme: Climbing the Adam’s Peak: A Humbling Journey

Second prize: Wong Choon Kwang, Malaysia
Theme: Penang – The Heaven of Travelers

Third prize: Desmond Chin, Malaysia
Theme: Life in the Trains

The One World Photo Exhibition will go on until 31 August.

The festival also served to inform and educate students about exchange and study abroad programs available at Monash.

Speaking on the Study Abroad program, Gavin Gomez, External Engagement Director at Monash Malaysia said, “During your exchange you will develop cultural competence. You will learn to appreciate the differences between your culture and others.”

Differences are what makes a community interesting. Let’s always choose to celebrate the different cultures, traditions and nationalities amongst us. As Stephen R. Covey said, “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.”