Fiatec Bioactive Sdn Bhd signs MOA with Monash Malaysia

Monash Malaysia and Fiatec Bioactive Sdn Bhd sign Memorandum of Agreement to promote research collaboration.

Monash University Malaysia and Fiatec Bioactive Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian company involved in producing, developing and marketing food products and dietary supplements, signed a Memorandum of Agreement in a mutual desire to promote research collaboration between both parties on 20 January 2017.

The collaboration aims to specifically advocate the collaboration between the School of Science and Fiatec Bioactive Sdn Bhd in investigating the glycemic index (GI) of SUITENA 178, a naturally-occurring polyol and its potential as a sugar substitute with low glycemic index.

“Monash is increasingly encouraging formations of stronger ties with industries and communities because we believe that only by working together collaboratively, can we generate greater outcomes. This is certainly a strategic direction for the school as it will help us grow. We are constantly conducting high impact research that we hope contribute to real world solutions, healthcare and agriculture. This is why I’m pleased with the strengthening and formalising of this collaboration with Fiatec,” said Professor Steven Langford, Head of School of Science.

Dr Loh Kai Kwong, Executive Director, Fiatec Bioactive Sdn Bhd, further emphasised the reason for collaboration by stating that an alternative to sugar is definitely needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle: “The objective of this research collaboration is to measure the GI of SUITANE. I would like to thank Dr Kumaran and his team for putting in the effort in organising and getting the ethical approval for this research because it involves human testing.”

The manufacturing of health food and dietary supplements in Malaysia and the region provide synergy to Monash’s research interest especially in the area of food science, an area where Monash Malaysia is the lead for the whole Monash family.