Monash Global Discovery Program NYC: The Samuel Goh perspective

“The trip to New York City was an extremely overwhelming and humbling experience.” This was what Samuel Goh, final year Marketing and International Business student, had to say about his recent trip to the United States.

The program was organised under the Monash Global Discovery Program 2017 and Goh, along with six other students from different Monash campuses, was given the opportunity to meet, mingle, and connect with successful Monash Alumni in New York.

“We visited over 23 different organisations and met with all kinds of inspiring individuals ranging from startup founders to CEO's of multinational corporations. It was an intense week of non-stop hustling. Most days we would wake up and leave the hotel by 8am, or earlier, and only be back at around 11pm,” he shared.

For Goh, the long hours did not matter because it was “an extremely rewarding experience”. He said the time spent with these important individuals was very meaningful and beneficial. They gave him in-depth industry insights as well as some very good advice from their own personal struggles.

The program included visits to companies and people from various industries and backgrounds. Goh shared candidly that preconceived ideas about certain industries were shattered, after meeting some of them. “I initially thought the banking sector was going to be the most boring but it turned out I was wrong. Individuals like Truett Tate from ANZ or Paul Sheard who shared their personal stories really changed my perspective on the formal and rigid people I thought they were. Matt Seiler and Sue Fennessy who are in the media marketing industry were my favorites. Overall, every single person we met had something to give and we took in as much as we could.”

Goh’s Top 3

a. Work toward what you want - Regardless of your background, what you've learnt or who you are, if you are willing to actively pursue and chase what you want, you will get it.

b. It is alright to be unsure - The biggest fear for me had always been, “what do I do once I graduate?” Some of the alumni we met shared that they were in my exact position once but said that it was okay. As long as you build character and continuously learn, it will all work out.

c. Sharing knowledge - Every single person I've met, even strangers on the subway when I got lost, were so willing to share their struggles. Some of these individuals were CEOs, and to take time out of their busy schedules to talk to us, was inspiring.

For those keen on participating in the program, Goh advised, “As soon as you hear about the program, just go for it. You have nothing to lose. Make sure the idea for your video is something you truly believe in. Have a clear vision of what you want and then stick to it all the way, even through the trip. Ask questions, write notes, record the session and reflect. Be present at every point during the trip because you might never get the chance to do this again. You may visit New York again, but you won’t get to see the places you'll get to during this program.”

Goh has added all the people he met on the trip on LinkedIn and thanked them for their time. The ambitious lad has already begun planning on how he can get back to New York to work. “I have no idea how, but if there is one thing the trip has taught me, it's that I don't have to worry too much about it and just hustle towards my goal and it’ll happen.”

All the best!