Public Health Campaign

Monash University Pharmacy Society (MUPhaS) in collaboration with the Malaysian Pharmacy Students’ Association (MyPSA) organised a public health campaign to improve awareness and understanding on antimicrobial resistance among the public.

The main objectives of the ‘Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Public Health Campaign’ was to raise awareness on the need to protect antibiotics through appropriate usage and to provide primary health screening to staff and students. During the two-day campaign, pharmacy students were able to have a better understanding on microbial resistance. They also learned how to engage with, and educate the public on primary health screening.

MUPhaS set up a booth to encourage staff and students to pledge against the prescribing of antibiotics for viral infections like cold and flu. A quiz was also conducted to test their understanding on antimicrobial resistance after volunteers explained about the resistance. Guest speaker, Dr Mai Chun Wai, deputy chairperson of Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society-Young Pharmacist Chapter (MPS-YPC) also gave insights into antimicrobial resistance.

According to MUPhaS Chairperson, Kang Ying Zhe, the campaign was a success: “People may be aware of antimicrobial resistance. However, knowing about it is not enough. It is important to also educate the public on how to prevent and minimise the rate of microorganism developing antimicrobial resistance - which is the main objective of this campaign”.

Other activities included body mass index (BMI) measurement, blood pressure and smoking cessation screening, along with a poster competition that was open to all Monash Malaysia and International Medical University (IMU) students.