Racing to success

Monash student Eshan Pieris shares about his love for racing and his achievements in the sport.

Last year had been one full of ups and downs for Eshan Pieris. The Bachelor of Business and Commerce student was juggling the challenges of being a first-year university student, as well as that of an aspiring racer.

“My greatest achievement in 2016 would definitely be the Asian Open Championship in Macau. It was my first time in that part of the world, a new racetrack, and I was competing against 56 other drivers in my class. For the most part of the race, I managed to lead. I was also competing especially with an Australian driver, who eventually won. Although a win would have been great, I am really pleased about getting second place,” the Sri Lankan student said.

Eshan credited his initial interest in go-kart racing to his father, who was also a racer, quite well-known in the motorsports world in Sri Lanka.

Driving go-karts from the age of 13, Eshan shared that what started as the enjoyable thrill of driving, became something he wanted to do professionally.  With the support of his parents, especially his dad, he first took to the racetrack in 2012.

Entering Monash in 2016, Eshan decided to focus full-time on races, entering competitions in Malaysia, Singapore, and one in Europe. He shared that one of the biggest challenges for him was being in France for an entire week, during the IAME International Final, two weeks before his final exams!

“During that time, I had to work to maintain my fitness levels, for the scheduled races, all while trying to excel in university studies. The experience certainly pushed me to my limits, and I learned that I was capable of doing more than I thought I could,” he said.

When asked about injuries and fears of getting hurt, Eshan said that he has been fortunate as he has not been badly injured in any accidents.

“The idea of getting hurt has never worried me, especially since motorsport racing today is a lot safer than it was many years ago. Technological advancements and many safety measures are put in place at each race. I’m definitely thankful that I have never had to deal with recovering from serious injuries.”

Eshan admires four-time Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel, but looks up to his father as an inspiration to succeed in the sport. His fascination with cars and his father’s achievements motivates him to do better.

“I really hope that I can have a life that involves a racing career. It has been three years of racing Go Karts internationally. I plan to eventually move onto Formula cars, even though at this moment, I’m still not quite sure when. Until then, I will keep developing my skills as a Go Kart driver.”

All the best Eshan!