Abbvie Young Leaders Award 2018

“With the changing face of pharmacy, pharmacists are assuming expanding clinical roles in patient care. However, the prevalence of chronic diseases among Malaysians remains a worrying trend despite the increasing number of pharmacists. Have we, as pharmacists, not done enough? How do you think this situation can be improved?” The top five final year Bachelor of Pharmacy students were given the opportunity to address this topic at the Abbvie Young Leaders Award held on 24 September 2018.

Each student was given 10 minutes to present their views, followed by a three minute question and answer session. Three judges from the School of Pharmacy, Wang Leong Seng, Dr Ali Qais Blebil, and Dr Goh Bey Hing, asked the presenters questions which tests the credibility of their presentations as well as their ability to think on their feet.

Tan Lin Yuing, who emphasised on using technology to synchronise all medical information for patients, pharmacists and medical doctors emerged as the winner for the Abbvie Young Leaders Award 2018. Tan walked away with a RM 1000 cash prize, followed by runner-up Sean Liew Jia Xen and second runner-up Teoh Kah Woon, who were awarded cash prizes of RM 500 and RM 300 respectively.

“Monash and Abbvie have a long partnership (since 2012) delivering education grants and awards to commendable students. These awards have helped strengthen and encourage our pharmacy students to focus on achieving academic excellence and in shaping effective leadership skills. To date, a total of 59 students were fortunate to benefit from the awards and 17 students have been offered internship training at Abbvie,” said Professor Dr Gan Siew Hua, Interim Head of School of Pharmacy.

Ten other pharmacy students also received cash prizes for their outstanding academic performances and were applauded for their well-deserved achievements. This included Mah Chain Chain (2018 Best Graduate Award) and Kang Ying Zhe (2018 Best All-round Graduate).

Dr Prashant Murugaiah, medical advisor for AbbVie Sdn Bhd was also present to celebrate together with the award recipients.