Best Graduate Award (SASS) 2018

From left: Tham Jia Vern, Professor Helen Nesadurai and Vivian Yee Ze Ling

On 6 April 2018, the School of Arts and Social Sciences awarded three outstanding students the Best Graduate Award.

Tham Jia Vern, who is currently working at SAYS, a local social news site, said she felt surreal for winning the Best Graduate Award in Bachelor of Arts (Honours): “I never expected to win this award as I have never felt confident about my work.”

Vivian Yee Ze Ling and Ananya Bordoloi (who was not present to receive the award) were both awarded the Best Graduate Award in Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) and Bachelor of Arts (Global), respectively.

“I feel honoured yet honestly, humbled - I wasn't expecting this award at all. I recall my first semester in Monash where I really struggled adjusting to the expectations of the course. While I had stepped in with virtually no experience studying social sciences beforehand, the transition was made possible thanks to Monash. The university provided me with an abundance of resources, guidance from supportive teaching and administrative staff, and the chance to learn from and with diverse peers from all walks of life. I think that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to attain this award otherwise,” Yee shared.

Yee, who is keen in applying the knowledged gained while pursuing her degree, added that she hopes to further her studies at some point in life.

Congratulations, graduates!