It’s the time for recognition!

Associate Professor Rafidah and Associate Professor Nor’azim

Donning of long robes, doffing of caps, jubilant smiles! That’s right. The successful conclusion to years of preparation and endeavour were met with thunderous cheers as 827 graduates received their scrolls of achievement at the 1081st graduation ceremony held over the last weekend.

In his commencement address, President and Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Andrew Walker said: “We are staging a wonderful ritual that draws on centuries of academic tradition. The efforts you have made to reach this point deserve recognition. Today, the University certifies that you have acquired the analytical abilities, the deep knowledge of your fields and the capabilities that a Monash University degree implies. Valuable as those things are, we’d like to think that you’ve taken away more than this from your time at Monash. We hope you have forged values that reflect the ones the University holds dear”.

Professor Walker also acknowledged parents, family members and friends who had played an important part in supporting the graduands throughout their university journey.

“Take a deep breath. Look around you. Capture it. You will look back on this day with a lot of pride and nostalgia - and you should. Your parents have given you their all, and so today, is their day too. It’s been said that knowledge gives you power but character gives you respect. The goal of true education will not be fully achieved without character building. Character will determine how successful you can be in life and the corporate world,” said Nora Abdul Manaf, Group Chief Human Capital Officer and Member of the Group Executive Committee of Maybank Berhad, during her graduation address.

A rare moment was captured when husband and wife duo from the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Associate Professor Nor’azim bin Mohd Yunos and Associate Professor Rafidah binti Atan, walked on stage to receive their Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree for their respective research on 'The Biochemical and Clinical Outcome Effects of Restricting Chloride-Rich Fluids in Critically Ill Patients’ and ‘The biological and physiological impact of the removal of middle molecules using a new type of polyethersulfone high cut-off membrane during blood purification’. The ballroom roared with excitement from their students, who had just received their scrolls of achievement as well.

Chase your dreams. Burst out at the seams. Never stop trying. Never stop learning. We hope your dreams take you to the windows of your opportunities.


Note: If you couldn’t make it to the ceremony in person, or would like to watch yourself receiving your scrolls, you can watch the graduation ceremony here.

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