Monash Malaysia set to become strong regional research and education leader

Monash University Malaysia students have been called to participate in the process of innovation and improvement to bring the university to a strong regional leadership position.

The university’s President and Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Andrew Walker said he is determined to lift Monash Malaysia as a leader in research and education in this region over the next five years.

“We are a great university but I think we are going to achieve a lot of with research excellence, innovation in our education, as well as innovation in the way our students learn and the way we teach,” he said.

He was speaking at the university’s Scholarships and Awards Ceremony 2017 recently.

While congratulating the scholarship recipients, Prof Walker commended their performance.

“These scholarship recipients are academic leaders in a very elite group,” he said, adding that one of the ways to measure that is by looking at the university’s performance.

He said Monash University is consistently ranked in the top 100 universities in the world and in Malaysia, the university has been rated as an Outstanding (6-Star) university in the latest Higher Education Ministry’s Rating System SETARA 2017.

During his speech, Prof Walker also acknowledged the effort put in by families, friends and significant others in providing moral, emotional and intellectual support to the scholarship recipients.

“I am a parent of two young university students, and I know from my personal experience that achieving good results is a group effort,” he said.

Mohammad Boroon, who received the Higher Degree by Research (HDR) scholarship, shared that the responsibilities given to him as a scholarship recipient has further developed him as an individual.

He is given duties like tutorials, marking papers, assisting FYP student, and research activities.

“Carrying out all these responsibilities can be overwhelming at times but they have helped build my confidence and equipped me to manage my time better,” he said.

Mohammad said he also managed to gain better understanding of what he had learned during his undergraduate studies through all these tasks.

“Overcoming my weaknesses in time management has certainly helped me achieve my goals in various areas – scholarship, research, studies and personal.

“None of these could have been achieved without the support of Monash HDR scholarship and I feel blessed to be sponsored by Monash,” he said.

There are 1,380 scholarship recipients in 2017, of which 93 of them are new. The total amount of scholarship awarded for this year is RM17,122,330.

So far, a total of RM107,413,197 has been awarded to 6,900 recipients since 2004.

Another recipient, Vishaan Kumar said the scholarship means so much to him not only because it covers his tuition fees and other expenses.

“I really appreciate that I’m given this opportunity because it helps me get closer to my goal of becoming a Financial Analyst,” said the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation-Monash Equity scholar.

Vishaan also shared how Monash Malaysia has enriched his student experience with the exposure to other students from different countries and cultural backgrounds.

“ I have been able to speak with students from different cultures and backgrounds and this has deepened my knowledge on their cultures and communities,” he said.

He is also very grateful that Monash Malaysia has opened up doors for internship and summer job opportunities.

“I am currently doing my summer internship at Sunway Group and I have been given the opportunity to be part of the team in preparing this year’s annual financial statement for the Group,” he said.