MUPA’s Supervisor of the Year Awards 2018

13 supervisors were recognised at the annual Supervisor of the Year Awards 2018. The awards is organised yearly by the Monash University Postgraduate Association (MUPA). This is in appreciation of the contributions of outstanding supervisors from across all schools, to ensure postgraduate students have a smooth-sailing research journey.

Congratulations to all supervisors! Thank you for all your hard work!

Supervisor of the Year

Dr. Alpha Agape Gopalai - School of Engineering

Most Inspiring Supervisor

Assoc. Prof. Anton V. Dolzhenko – School of Pharmacy

Career Coach

Prof. Keshab Shrestha – School of Businees

In addition to the grand awards, 10 additional awards were given out to acknowledge the Outstanding Nominees shortlisted for the awards. They are:

  1. Dr Nafees Ahemad –School of Pharmacy
  2. Prof. Sadequr Rahman –School of Science
  3. Dr. Poh Phaik Eong –School of Engineering
  4. Dr. Yessy Arnold Peranginangin –School of Business
  5. Dr. Choo Wee Sim –School of Science
  6. Assoc. Prof. Varghese Swamy –School of Engineering
  7. Dr. Tang Kim San –School of Pharmacy
  8. Dr. Arshad Adam Salema –School of Engineering
  9. Assoc. Prof. Adeline Ting Su Yien –School of Science
  10. Dr. Thet Thet Htar –School of Pharmacy