Research Methods Workshops


The Introduction to Ensembl was designed and facilitated by Associate Professor Qasim Ayub, Director of the Genomics Facility, together with Dr Farhang Aghakhanian and Dr Wee Wei Yee.

This one-day computer-based workshop was aimed at academics, students and non-academic researchers in biological sciences, medicine or the pharmaceutical industry with no prior knowledge of Ensembl. It offered essential background information and a practical hands-on experience in the use of the Ensembl Genome Browser.

A total of 24 participants attended the workshop and were given the opportunity to explore the salient features of Ensembl by using examples from mouse and human genomes.


The Road to High Impact Publications: A one-day workshop was organised by the Professors Advisory Group (PAG) jointly with the Research Management Office and Library and Learning Commons.

Prof. Sunil K. Lal (School of Science), Chair of the PAG, spoke on “Good science and high quality research”, where he examined what it takes to do good science and high quality research, besides building collaborations, choosing the best journal for one’s work to be published in, writing the manuscript, and peer- reviewing processes among others.

Participants were also provided insights from how to identify highly ranked journals and gaps in their research, to publishing models, open access considerations, researcher profiles and researcher impact, as well as when and where the Monash Library can support researchers through customised programs and services.

There were also breakout sessions which encouraged lively discussion in a more intimate setting. Panel members for the breakout sessions included Professor Sunil K. Lal (School of Science), Professor Pervaiz K. Ahmed (School of Business), Professor Iekhsan Othman (Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences), Professor Gan Siew Hua (School of Pharmacy), Associate Professor Wu Ta Yeong (School of Engineering), Associate Professor Marco Buente (School of Arts and Social Sciences), and librarians, Isabelle Eula, Namita Santra and Sossamma George.

The UCSC Genome Browser workshop is a computer-based one day workshop facilitated by the Genomics Facility, led by Associate Professor Qasim Ayub, together with Drs Farhang Aghakhanian and Wee Wei Yee. It taught academics, students and non-academic researchers, with an interest in human genetics, on how to use the UCSC Genome Browser, a powerful graphical interface, to explore the human genome.

Through lectures, demonstrations, and practical exercises, participants used selected human genes as examples to illustrate the wealth of information that is available to improve our understanding of the human genome in health disease.


Power of Statistics Workshop

In an increasingly data-centric world, making strategic decisions based on instinct alone no longer suffice.

Decision makers face greater complexities than ever before and statistics provide more confidence in the face of uncertainties by highlighting relevant emerging trends and inferences from data to help make better informed decisions.

Global Asia in the 21st Century (GA21), a multidisciplinary platform for Monash University Malaysia conducted the "Power of Statistics Workshop" to equip participants with a foundation in the use of statistics for decision making.

The 2-day workshop was facilitated by researchers from the Market Analytic Cluster – GA21: Professor Mahendhiran Nair, Vice President (Research and Development), Associate Professor Santha Vaithilingam, and Elsa Phung from School of Business.

Participants were exposed to different types of data that required special attention to the type of statistical tools used for policy formulation and strategic decision making.

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