Staff Forum: Campus Initiatives and Long Service Awards

Recipients of the 20 years Long Service Award. From left: Professor Mahendhiran Nair (recipient), Professor Lan Boon Leong (recipients), Ong Pang Yen, Professor Andrew Walker, Professor Lim Yau Yan (recipient), Dr Adlina binti Ahmad (recipient)

“It has been an amazing 20th year for us. We have seen many successes in terms of the number of students joining Monash Malaysia, the progress on enhancing education excellence, the development of the campus, and for several research achievements, awards, and publications.” said Professor Andrew Walker at the Staff Forum yesterday.

During the forum, the floor was open for staff to ask the senior management team on three broad topics - #education, #research, and #campus.

Professor Walker who took on the #education segment, stressed on the importance of active learning in Monash Malaysia. “The challenge in active learning is the fundamental change of teaching approach and the different ways of engaging with students. All schools should work together to support these initiatives and implement various forms of active learning approaches, trainings, conducive space for classrooms, and peer reviews for improvement.”

“We are among the top in the country for the quality of our research publication.” said Professor Mahendhiran Nair, who facilitated the #research segment. His hope for 2019 is to have greater outreach within the region and to oversee research programs. In the #campus segment, Executive Director, Ong Pang Yen highlighted the successful plan on the campus development. “We have shortlisted new food vendors for Monash Malaysia campus and are looking into refurbishing and improving the student facilities in Clinical School of Johor Bahru in 2019.”

The forum also recognised 49 recipients with the Long Service Award, presented by Professor Andrew Walker. 4 recipients who got the loudest and longest cheers were Professor Mahendhiran Nair (Directorate), Dr Adlina Binti Ahmad (School of Business), Associate Professor Lan Boon Leong (School of Engineering), and Associate Professor Lim Yau Yan (School of Science). All four have been here for as long as the university has been - 20 years!