Welcome newbies!

It was a glorious day for us on 19 February 2018 as the campus welcomed 1100 new students and their families on the first day of Orientation Week with open arms, or more technically, open doors!

Exhilarated chatters accompanied the new students who thronged the campus and special programs were held to welcome these newcomers and their accompanying parents. Parents were also taken on a campus tour and were invited to a separate information session, where they were received by senior management representatives. They were given insights into various aspects of university life, from academic matters and scholarships to exchange programs.

“Congratulations and welcome! Enjoy your university life while you’re here and get involved in extracurricular activities because that’s where you build your social skills. If you need help, all you have to do is ask and you will be in very capable hands,” said Professor Andrew Walker, Monash Malaysia President and Pro Vice-Chancellor.

He also encouraged students to pursue a semester exchange at a different university abroad to learn about different cultures and gain a different experience.

Senior students acting as ‘Buddies’ were clad in yellow t-shirts and took on the roles of walking-talking maps in guiding students and parents as they familiarised themselves with the University. Since it was the fourth day of the Chinese New Year celebration, students were also welcomed by a special lion dance event.