Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG) program

Monash University Malaysia hosted two cohorts of Monash Australia students, who were here as part of the Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG) program. The annual two-week program allows first-year students (from the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Global Studies and related double degrees) the opportunity to either visit Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, or India - to gain an understanding of the challenges and complexities involved in implementing sustainable and innovative solutions.

This year, for GIG Malaysia, students experienced a number of challenges confronting contemporary Malaysia. They were exposed to different nationalities, cultures, and academic backgrounds outside the classroom. They visited places such as the Mah Meri Cultural Village, Penang Heritage Trust, The Habitat in Penang Hill, Tempurung Caves, and various temples around the Klang Valley.

Students were also invited to an evening at the Australian High Commissioner’s residence, where they met H.E. Andrew Goledzinowski A.M., the Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia. “It’s a fantastic privilege and I hope you really take this advantage to enhance your education to be part of GIobal Immersion Guarantee group here in Malaysia.”

His Excellency spoke about the tremendous relationship between Malaysia and Australia. “This is where the contact happens - part of the new tradition which I hope will continue to grow and bring our two countries together. We’re very proud of Monash, the highest ranking international university represented here in Malaysia.”

The President and Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Andrew Walker said “I’m delighted to welcome all of you to Malaysia. Monash is truly a global university - a wonderful place especially to achieve what this extraordinary program is about.” Prof Walker also told the students to try the myriad tasty Malaysian food. “Food is a wonderful part of experiencing Malaysian culture. It is also where cultures come together in this wonderful country.”

The GIG program has been such an amazing experience. We've learnt so many new things about the Malaysian culture, heritage, biodiversity, and were able to bond."

Elizabeth Walker


Getting to know everyone from the Malaysian groups has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. We definitely felt like a family at the end of our 2 weeks together."

Kit Garner-Williams


I would definitely rate the GIG program a 10/10 and recommend it to any future Monash arts and global studies students."

Caitlin Angus