Fostering good corporate governance amongst the youth

Monash University Malaysia formalised a collaboration agreement with Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) to promote early understanding of corporate governance principles and practices. This collaboration is a significant development in the implementation of SC’s strategic priority to embed good corporate governance amongst the youth.

“One of our key priorities is to drive good corporate governance in Malaysia, by investing in the youth and supporting them in reaching their full potential as future leaders and agents of positive change. In this regard, the SC will also collaborate with relevant ministries and agencies to develop a Corporate Governance Toolkit for small and medium enterprises to embed good corporate governance principles early in the growth stage of these companies,” said Datuk Syed Zaid Albar, Chairman of the SC.

The collaboration with Monash will involve joint research efforts to inform and deepened policy formulation on corporate governance and enrich academic studies on corporate governance.

“Monash University Malaysia welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with the Securities Commission Malaysia. This partnership will elevate the discussion and understanding of corporate governance at a crucial time for the business community today. It will also be a platform for informing and guiding aspiring business leaders of the future,” said Professor Pervaiz Ahmed, Head of the School of Business.

According to Professor Pervaiz, the collaboration will also align and enhance the School of Business’s mission of having a meaningful impact on the way businesses are conducted in Asia through high-quality research, educational excellence, and extensive engagement with industry and the community.