Monash Pharmacy Symposium 2019 (MPS-CPD: 4 points)

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2 May 2019 at 8:00 am – 1:00 pm


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(MPS-CPD: 4 points)

Monash Pharmacy Symposium 2019: Pharmacy Education - Advancements and Challenges

In 2019, Monash University Malaysia celebrates 10th anniversary of the Monash Pharmacy Education in Malaysia. Celebrating a decade of success of our pharmacy program in the country, we would like to welcome all who have interests in pharmacy undergraduate education to discuss directions in which pharmacists’ training should progress to constantly meet the changing needs of the profession.

In our continuous attempts to improve educational standards and to bring pharmacy education to the next level, we test the most innovative teaching methods and select only the best for our daily use.  Do not miss your chance to discuss the most effective pedagogical approach and their applications to the contemporary pharmacy curriculum.

Where is pharmacy education going?  We do not wait for changes to come, we do not adapt to them – we create the future.  Everything is possible with the right set of skills and suitable technology.  One of the world-leading pharmacy programs will share the experience in developing professional skills using state-of-art technologies.  The symposium provides an ideal platform to discuss best teaching methods with educators committed to transform training of modern pharmacists for societal benefit.  Join us in Monash – contribute to the future.

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