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Making science interesting

The challenge to make science interesting for the next generation is one uphill battle that requires coherent thinking in order to succeed.

Engagement is key to innovation

In Malaysia, the Monash campus is pioneering a vision of innovation based on meaningful involvement with the surrounding community and the wider Southeast Asian region.

Winning Innovations at ITEX 2018

All eight inventions of Monash Malaysia researchers received awards at International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (ITEX) 2018.

Bachelor of Science offers new major

The Genomics and Bioinformatics program is a three-year course that will expose students to the infinite possibilities that come from learning about genes and genomes through bioinformatics analyses.

Empowering women to thrive

Thirty female Monash alumni were given the coveted opportunity to be mentored by some of Malaysia’s most influential figures under the Women Who Thrive (WWT) workshop, a three-part program by Thrive.

Alien origins of the common house crow

Recent study by PhD candidate,Urszula Krzeminska, indicates the possibility that Malaysian and Singaporean house crows may have traveled to these countries from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, or beyond.

Indigenous Australians: The first human explorers to track around the globe

An international team of researchers and aboriginal collaborators publish ‘A Genomic History of Aboriginal Australia’ in Nature.

Engage Monash 2016

The week-long event provided a platform for student and staff to showcase their capabilities, as well as to engage with the industry and the wider community.

Biotechnology Fun at Kuen Cheng High School

The School of Science together with Malaysian Biotechnology Information Center (MABIC) and Kuen Cheng High School organised a full-day Carnival to provide insights to students in the field of science.