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Malaysia and the region: A hotbed for emerging viral infections

Within South-East Asia, viral infections are rampant, and this region is considered the hotbed for new and emerging viruses, says Professor Sunil K Lal.

Are we all victims of neoliberalism?

Dr Karim Bettache and Professor Chi-Yue Chiu describe neoliberalism’s characteristics and its influence upon society and psychology.

Effective writing: The key to success

School of Arts and Social Sciences Writing major, Chua Hui Chei, shares how the art of effective writing opens up endless career opportunities in today's goal-oriented marketplace.

Screen Studies: understanding how film and television tell stories

Alumnus, Jayson Ho Khin Wy, shares his take on Screen Studies and why stories are told in the ways they are.

A 101 on feminism

Associate Professor Sharon Bong speaks on feminism and its perception during an interview session with Business Radio Station (BFM).