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Medical Bioscience: Endless Possibilities

“Students can work in other areas of science if they want to. It is a matter of how they use the transferable skills taught, and how far they want to go,” says Professor Chow Sek Chuen.

Celebrating a major milestone

Another 600 brilliant and capable individuals have graduated after putting in hard work and persisting through challenges.

Saima Islam

Understanding Global Studies

Second year student, Saima Islam, from the School of Arts and Social Sciences shares her experiences as a global studies major.

Arts and social sciences

Versatile thinking: the BA graduate’s path to success

Career experiences of six Monash graduates in the Arts and Social Sciences.

P. Ramlee: from Malay to Malaysian

Jonathan Driskell, Lecturer in Film and Television Studies at the School of Arts and Social Sciences, speaks about one of the most iconic Malaysians.