Green Steps at Monash Malaysia

Monash University Malaysia introduced the award-winning Green Steps programme at its campus in 2014.

The programme, developed by the Monash Sustainability Institute in the year 2000, aims to train change agents who have the knowledge and skills to introduce innovative sustainability solutions at the workplace.

More than 800 students in Australia, the United Kingdom, and now Malaysia, have taken up the programme.

The inaugural Green Steps @ Uni programme saw 15 students from across the campus and disciplines selected for training on various aspects of environmental sustainability and being a change agent.

They subsequently worked on five on-campus projects. These projects analysed five campus activities and proposed solutions that could make them more environmentally sustainable.

In 2015, Monash Malaysia will also introduce the Green Steps @ Work programme for its staff.

Limited places may also be made available for staff of companies hosting Green Steps @ Uni students on internships.


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