OHSE orientation information for undergraduate students


  • The campus is committed to health and safety of staff, students and visitors.
  • We all have a collective responsibility.
  • The law has set out specific requirements and some come with penalties in the form of fines, prison sentences or both.
  • Students are expected to comply with Campus Health and Safety policy and associated procedures available on our website.

Structure and roles

  • Health, safety, security and our environment is maintained through several means;
  • The Monash Malaysia Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Committee
  • Compliance with all instructions regarding health, safety and the environment.
  • Communication and consultation on health, safety and environment issues.
  • Training

OHSAS 18001:2007/AS/NZS 4801-2002

  • OHSAS 18000 is an international occupational health and safety management system specification
  • The AS/NZS 4801-2002 is the Australian/New Zealand Standard for health and safety management.
  • Structured management of OHS activity.

Raising a health and safety issue

  • Your first contact is your immediate supervisor has he or she has a direct responsibility to assist you with any health/safety or environmental issues.
  • Alternatively speak to your OHSE Committee Representative. 
  • You can also speak directly with a representative from the OHSE office

Incident reporting

  • All hazards, near misses, and incidents that occur on campus must be reported.
  • Reporting can be done through the incident report form available here, which can be filled up by your supervisor or any staff.
  • Reports can also be made in person by contacting OHSE.
  • Incidents include medical and non-medical emergencies as well as any occurrences that result in:
  • Injury to a person
  • Damage to property and/or the environment
  • Disruption to research and teaching
  • Or a near miss in any of these situations.


  • First response is provided through the OHSE Unit.
  • Building and Floor Wardens, as well as First Aiders have been identified to assist with evacuations and injuries.
  • The campus has constituted a Crisis Management and Recovery Group to manage major incidents.
  • In the event of an emergency, your may hear the fire alarm and evacuation notice, or be asked to evacuate.
  • Please leave the building quickly using a staircase and go to the Assembly Area.
  • Please follow instructions from the Building Wardens at the Assembly Area.


  • You must not use the lifts during an emergency evacuation.
  • Use the stairs and leave the building quickly and calmly.
  • You may not re-enter a building until authorised to do so.
  • This also applies during fire drills.

Assembly area

  • The assembly area is located between Building 2 and the Car Park.
  • Staff and students are expected to line up according to the building from which they have been evacuated.
  • There is a separate line for visitors and contractors.

Fire Safety

  • All buildings are equipped with a variety of fire fighting equipment, such as hose reels and fire extinguishers.
  • You may use this equipment to put out a fire if you have been trained and you judge that it is safe to do so.
  • Report used or damaged equipment to OHSE so that it can be replaced

Emergency assistance

  • Call extension 46333.
  • If you’re off campus, dial +603 5514 6333.
  • For the Clinical School in Johor Baru, it is +6017 5514633
  • State your name, whether you’re a student or staff, exact location, and the nature of your emergency.
  • Please wait until help arrives so that you can provide necessary information.

First aid and medical help

  • The campus has trained first aiders.
  • If you believe you have become ill or injured as a result of your work or study at Monash, inform your supervisor.
  • Please also approach the OHS Unit.
  • First Aid Kits are located at all School and Unit offices, laboratories, the Security Office and at the MUSA Lounge.
  • There are some areas on campus that have restricted access, either due to specialised work being carried out in the area of hazards.
  • These include high voltage rooms, plant rooms, and certain basement and roof areas.
  • You should not go into these areas without prior permission from the relevant unit


  • A number of hazards can be expected on campus. These may be part of teaching, research, in administrative areas or a result of support functions such as maintenance.
  • Please obey all signage and safety instructions.

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