Dr. Bhuvan K.C.


School of Pharmacy

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Room  2-5-50

Dr Bhuvan KC obtained his undergraduate degree in pharmacy from the Pokhara University in Pokhara, Nepal and his masters in clinical pharmacy degree from the Univiersiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia and PhD in pharmacy practice from the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Dr Bhuvan has taught pharmacy practice subject to the undergraduate level pharmacy students in Nepal and New Zealand. Apart from teaching, Dr Bhuvan has worked as a program manager for Apotheker Ohne Grenzen e.V., (Pharmacist without Borders Germany) supported health aid projects in Nepal. He also worked as a consultant for a Nepal based private organization called Sankalpa Foundation Pvt. Ltd. mainly in the areas of health aid projects, patient education, medication safety and pharmacist-led chronic diseases management programs.


- Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice), University of Otago, 2016

- Master of Pharmacy (Clinical Pharmacy), University Sains Malaysia, 2010

- Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (Hons), Pokhara University, 2007


- Access to and quality use of medicines

- Community pharmacy managed pharmaceutical care programs

- Pharmacoeconomics (research interest)

- Travel health services (research interest)

- Pharmacy education (college versus practice)

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Scholarly Journals (Refereed Only)

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Conference Proceedings (Refereed Only)

KC Bhuvan, Heydon Susan, Norris Pauline. Nongovernment organizations as healthcare provider in Western Nepal: outcomes, challenges and sustainability, Otago International Health Research Network, 8th Annual Conference, 12-13 November 2015, St Margaret's College, Dunedin

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Mishra P, Acharya H, KC Bhuvan. HIV surveillance among TB patient in Regional TB Center, Pokhara, Western Nepal, 42nd Union World Conference on Lung Health, 26-30 October 2011, Lille, France

Research Grants (Principle Investigator)

Over the counter medicines safety project (Sankalpa Foundation team) (Bhuvan K.C., Atis Kaundinnyayana, Sushmita Sharma, Dr Aarjan Khanal), 2013-2014.  Health aid grant, Apotheker Ohne Grenzen (e.V, Germany), Euro 2,500.00

Community pharmacy based chronic diseases management project (Sankalpa Foundation team) (Bhuvan K.C., Atis Kaundinnyayana, Sushmita Sharma and Dr Aarjan Khanal), 2012-2013.  Health aid grant, Apotheker Ohne Grenzen (e.V, Germany), Euro 4,500.00

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Membership in Academic Editorial Committees

Student Member, 2014-2015   
International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcome Research