Dr. Ong Wee Kiat


School of Pharmacy

+603 5514 4973
Room  2-5-05

Dr Wee Kiat ONG completed his PhD at the University of Strathclyde and was a senior research fellow at the Singapore Bioimaging Consortium of Agency of Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore. He is a registered pharmacist in Malaysia and has experience working in hospital, community and compounding pharmacies.  He was the vice chairman of the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) Johor area committee from 2016-2020. Dr Ong is an Associate Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy and has taught pharmacy programmes at British university branch campuses in Malaysia. He is passionate about integrating research, science and practice in pharmacy education. His current research interests include translational, ethical and regulatory challenges pertaining to emerging novel therapies and clinical innovation, customised medication, pharmaceutical compounding, veterinary medicine and dosage forms.


- Doctor of Philosophy in Physiology and Pharmacology, University of Strathclyde, 2008

- Master of Science in Marketing (Hons), University of College Dublin, 2014

- Master in Pharmacy (Hons), University of Strathclyde, 2002

- Bachelor of Science in Genetics (Hons), University of Malaya, 1999

Employment History

Dec 2019 - Current: Lecturer, School of Pharmacy, Monash University Malaysia

Jan 2019 - Dec 2019: Compounding Pharmacist, Amber Pharmacy

Mar 2016 - Oct 2018: Locum Pharmacist, AEON Wellness Pharmacy

Aug 2015 - Jun 2019: Lecturer, School of Pharmacy, University of Reading Malaysia

Jul 2010 - Mar 2019: Research Fellow/ Senior Research Fellow/ Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Singapore Bioimaging Consortium, A*STAR

Aug 2008 - Jun 2010: Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

2004- 2007: Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Strathclyde

2003-2004: House Pharmacist, Slim River Hospital

Professional Affiliations

Registered Pharmacist, since 2004
Pharmacy Board of Malaysia

Member, Vice Chairman of the Johor Area Committee (2016-2020)
Malaysia Pharmaceutical Society

Stem Cell Society Singapore

Awards and Honours


  • First prize poster presentation at the Malaysian Society of Pharmacology and Physiology Scientific Meeting


  • Singapore Bioimaging Consortium Executive Director's Prize in recognition of service excellence


  • Eli Lilly basic science poster award by Diabetes UK and Eli Lilly at the Diabetes UK annual conference
  • Translational, ethical and regulatory challenges pertaining to emerging novel therapies and clinical innovation
  • Customised medication and pharmaceutical compounding
  • Veterinary medicine and dosage forms

Scholarly Journals (Refereed Only)


Srijaya, T. C., Sriram, S., Cheng, S., Ong, W. K., Rozen, S. G., Abu Kassim, N. H. and Sugii, S. (2018) Xeno-free reprogramming of dental pulp stem cells is associated with amenable epigenetic traits. Stem Cell Res. Ther. 9: 68 (impact factor 4.627, Scopus-indexed)


Dinish, U.S., Wong, C.L., Sriram, S., Ong, W. K., Balasundaram, G., Sugii, S. and Olivio, M. (2017) Diffuse optical spectroscopy and imaging to detect and quantify adipose tissue browning. Sci Rep DOI: 10.1038/srep41357 (impact factor 4.360, Scopus-indexed)


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Furman, B. L., Ong, W. K. and Pyne, N. J. (2009) Cyclic AMP signalling in pancreatic islets. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology: The Islets of Langerhans: 281-304. (impact factor 2.02, Scopus-indexed)

Conference Proceedings (Refereed Only)

Ong, W. K. and Sugii, S. CD10 is a potential biomarker of adipogenic potential and fat quality. Malaysian Society of Pharmacology and Physiology Scientific Meeting, 2017, Aug, 18-19, Kota Bharu, Malaysia

Ong, W. K. and Sugii, S. Use of adipogenic biomarker CD10 to screen for adipogenic capability of adipose-derived stem cells from different adipose depots. Malaysian Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Scientific Meeting, 2016, Nov, 17-18, Seberang Jaya, Malaysia

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