Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The School of Pharmacy is committed to national and international leadership in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences education, research, and professional service delivery.

Our Mission

The mission of the School of Pharmacy is to produce the next generation of innovative and collaborative pharmacists as leaders within the healthcare team via the provision of advanced education, research, patient care, as well as public and professional service programmes, including pioneering clinical, entrepreneurial, and laboratory research endeavours to improve health outcomes for the people of Malaysia and beyond.

We aim to

Establish optimal student experiences through personalised skills coaching and delivering a self-directed active learning education to our students, enabling them to think critically for effective inquiry and problem solving to lead and work seamlessly across professions and fields.

Disseminate new knowledge and state-of-the-art technology through innovation in basic, translational, clinical, education, health services, policy, regulatory, and economics research. Share our expertise with professional colleagues, the public, industry leaders, and policymakers of Malaysia and the surrounding regions.

Continuously build a culture of compassion, inclusiveness and collegiality to improve patient care. Strengthening alumni and professional partner relationships will allow constructive engagement in community outreach for better health systems outcomes in Malaysia.