Entry requirements

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) Entry Requirements

QualificationEntry requirementCalculation of scores
GCE A Level 12* A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1
Minimum B in Chemistry
Minimum C in Mathematics
Minimum C in Biology
STPM 9.7* Total SGP of 3 academic subjects.
Min. SGP 3 in Chemistry, minimum SGP 2.33 in Mathematics.
Australian Year 12 ATAR 90 Based on 5 subjects.
Score equivalent to VCE 33 in Chemistry, and VCE 27 in Mathematics (Higher Level).
Ontario Grade 12 87.9% Average score of the best 6 Grade 12 subjects.
Min. 75% in Grade 12 Chemistry, Min. 65% average in Calculus and Vector plus Advanced Function.
MUFY 75%** Total score of eight units taken. Bonus points granted for students who completed 9 or 10 units in MUFY.
Min. 65% in Chemistry and 65% in Mathematics.
IB 33 Total final score as shown in transcript.
Minimum 6 in Chemistry SL or 5 in Chemistry HL; minimum 5 in Mathematics SL or 4 in Mathematics HL.
UEC 2.6 A1=1, A2=2, B3=3, B4=4
Average score of 5 best subjects*** with minimum grade B.

* Calculation of score based on a maximum of 3 subjects, excluding General Paper/"Pengajian Am".

**The score is only applicable for students commencing MUFY starting from 2018. The entry score is also subject to the minimum requirements of the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia (Syarat-syarat kelayakan masuk antarabangsa ke Program Ijazah Farmasi). The Pharmacy program is obliged to comply with whichever entry score that is higher.

***Pass UEC with minimum B4 in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Advanced Mathematics I/one other subject. Refer Pharmacy Board of Malaysia website for more information.

Please visit http://www.monash.edu.my/study/entry-requirements/academic/undergraduate/ for more information on other qualifications or send email to mum.info@monash.edu.


Chemistry (Australian Year 12 equivalent), Mathematics (Australian Higher Year 12 equivalent) and

Biology (Australian Year 12 equivalent) - required by the Pharmacy Board Malaysia.

English language proficiency

Age requirement

Pharmacy Board Malaysia requirements

The Pharmacy program is obliged to comply with current minimum qualifications for entry set by the Malaysian Pharmacy Board. These minimum qualifications are subject to change to meet the requirements of the Malaysian Pharmacy Board at the point of admission into the University. Students are encouraged to verify and confirm the minimum qualification by contacting the University Marketing office for more information.

Please visit http://www.pharmacy.gov.my/ for details.

Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia requirements

Malaysian applicants must obtain at least a C in Bahasa Malaysia (Malay Language) and English in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or equivalent.

International students

Non-Malaysians are not eligible to register with the Pharmacy Board Malaysia. Before applying for enrolment, international students are advised to check with the pharmacy regulatory body of their countries that a Bachelor of Pharmacy qualification from Monash University Malaysia will allow them to register as pharmacists in their country.