Innovative technologies

Pharmatopia is a powerful pharmacy education application which uses the Unity 3d web platform, and is the product of an international collaboration between pharmacy educators and industry. This shared-practice collaboration aims at developing a collection of interactive, engaging web-based learning-training modules relevant to both pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry. Examples of learning modules used in the Monash BPharm are the interactive virtual tabletting research and development laboratory, and a virtual hospital pharmacy sterile suite manufacturing facility.

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More videos:
Pharmatopia, Pharmatopia Virtual Sterile Clean Room, Pharmatopia Virtual Tablet Manufacturing Plant


Pharmville depicts ‘real’ people with ‘real’ problems who live within the Pharmville community. It is an innovative teaching tool that provides context and integration to the new curriculum throughout the four years of the Monash Pharmacy program.

Each character in the community has a social and cultural background, lifestyle and medical history. Lecturers and tutors across all disciplines use the families as a teaching tool to pose questions about disease state management, medicine use and the broader implications of the individual’s social standing, allowing teaching to be integrated into an authentic situation.

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MyDispense is a purpose-designed dispensing software aimed at training students to dispense medication safely and efficiently. MyDispense works in a similar way to commercial dispensing programs, including reading electronic references, selecting products, accessing products stored in secure storage, and generating and reviewing labels. The software is web-based and allows students to complete exercises in small-group tutorials. At the end of each exercise, the software provides feedback and allows students to review this feedback in their own time, as often as they want.

The rationale for MyDispense is soundly based on the value of simulation in training. It allows students to develop skills and confidence within a safe environment, whilst fostering best practice in dispensing. Students will go on to experience real-life dispensing during their professional experience placements in Years 3 and 4 of the BPharm programme.

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