TETI Early Career Educators' Forum 2017 winners

Transforming Education through Trailblazing Innovations (TETI) 2017, Tuesday, 7th of February 2017 was a one day seminar organized by Campus Education Management and Monash Education Academy of the Office of the Vice Provost (Learning & Teaching). Through this event an opportunity was provided to the Early Career Educators across the Monash Malaysian campus to present their innovative teaching practice and research led interventions to improve the students learning and outcomes. 

It is a moment of great joy and honor that the educators from the School of Pharmacy have managed to win three out of the five prizes allocated for the top seven shortlisted education projects.

The 1st prize (worth RM 10000) was awarded to Dr. Tahir Mehmood Khan who presented a teaching innovation using “Karaoke Crossover to enhance the learning outcomes of unit PAC 3432 integrated infectious disease”. Dr. Khan believes that blending of such teaching approaches will enhance the attention span of students and give equal opportunity to everyone in the group to establish a peer to peer learning which will assist in galvanizing the theoretical concepts.

The 2nd prize (worth RM 6000) was awarded to Dr. Alice Chuah Lay Hong who presented “Transforming Pharmacy Teaching & Learning through Online Interactive Module”. Dr. Alice showcased how existing educational resources can be utilized to design an online interactive learning module which will transform traditional learning into a flipped classroom concept to be more interesting and engaging for the students.

The 4th prize (worth RM 2000) was received by Dr. Lee Learn Han for presenting the concept of “Enhancing structural and functional concept of bio-molecules using 3D pen as an intervention”. Dr. Lee demonstrated how 3D pen will enhance active learning in today’s classroom by assisting students’ learning on complex structures of bio-molecules in a friendly manner.

School of Pharmacy TETI Early Career Educators Dr. Lee Learn Han, Dr. Alice Chuah Lay Hong & Dr. Tahir Mehmood Khan