Monash Pharmacy Industry Awards

Monash Pharmacy Industry Awards 2016

  1. There will be potentially 2 awards available.
  2. Criteria:
    • Accepted offer to study at Monash University Malaysia
    • Good academic results
    • Leadership qualities (as evidenced by leadership in any activity that you were/are involved in)
    • Participation in non-academic pursuits (all extra-curricular activities)
    • Community engagement (e.g in NGOs, charity organisations)
    • Achievement/Awards received
    • Performance in interview
  3. Candidates who have satisfactorily met the above criteria will be invited to apply for the Year 1 Monash Pharmacy Excellence Awards. Invitation will be made via email.
  4. The award selection committee will shortlist candidates for interview, based on information provided in the application form (with supporting documents).

For more information, please contact:
Administrative Executive: Siti Intan Rohayu Abdul Manaf
Tel: 603 5514 5662

Senior Administrative Executive: Linda Lim
Tel: 603 5514 6317