2017 PVC Awards Winners and Commendations

Note: 2017 PVC Awards was conducted in the year 2018. From 2019 onward, the naming convention for the year will be aligned to the VC Awards.

2017 PVC Awards for Excellence in Education

Outstanding Educator

Dr Joel Moore

Joel has made an outstanding contribution, over an extended period, in developing a range of innovative education offerings which provide students with real-world experience and insight into a range of contemporary challenges. His educational innovations impact on student learning at multiple levels: academic learning, research skills, lifelong learning skills, collaboration and negotiation skills, student mobility and career preparedness.

Innovations in Teaching

Dr Narayanan Ramakrishnan

Narayanan has made an important contribution to curriculum development in engineering, enhancing assessment practice and developing a new unit which made clever use of low-cost technology to provide a high quality student experience. These innovations have been well received by students and have contributed to program accreditation.

Dr Ilankoon Mudiyanselage Saman Kumara Ilankoon

Saman has introduced new approaches, including “flipped classroom” and research-led teaching, to support student learning in high-enrolment engineering units. These innovations have had a clear positive impact on student outcomes.

Best Designed Online Module or Moodle Integrated Course

Dr. Lee Chooi Yeng

Chooi Yeng has developed an online module for pharmacy students that has enhanced problem solving and critical thinking skills. Development of the module has strengthened inter-campus collaboration and generated a range of high quality educational research outputs.

2017 PVC Awards for Excellence in Research

Early Career

Dr Joash Tan Ban Lee

Joash exhibited strong translational research work. Joash’s research work is in the field of functional natural food colourants, anthocyanins, a class of phytochemicals responsible for the colours in strawberries, blueberries and hibiscus flower, and its potential to improve the well-being of the consumer.

Dr Mohmad Farooq Shaikh

Mohmad Farooq exhibited strong research outcomes for grants, publications and awards. His research in experimental epilepsy, animal model development and epilepsy drug discovery resulted in an invitation to be part of a Wellcome Trust grant based in UCL, London. He has also been awarded a PECIPTA 2017 and ITEX 2018 awards for his innovations.

Open Category

Associate Professor Chong Meng Nan

Meng Nan exhibited outstanding research outcomes, high quality publications and research that has strong impact to the industry. His research aims to bespoke and improve nanostructured materials in term of their physicochemical, structural and optical properties that lead to an overall improvement in solar-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency (energy application) and efficient water purification process (water application).

2017 PVC Awards for Excellence in Performance by Professional Staff

Professional Team

Thavamaney Vadiveloo, Khairul Nizam Ahmad, Devi Arunasalam, Rohana Bahari, Chandra Nadrajah, Nurul Izziani Ismail, Loke May Qi and Umavathy Sevesankaran
The Education and Course Management team from the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences demonstrated high commitments in the creation and/or management of education innovation tools. The team received high service quality scores, a clear indication of their dedication to providing excellent service to students.

2017 PVC Commendation for Research

Open Category

Associate Professor Marco Buente
Marco exhibited good translational research outcome. His work on the origins, trajectories and outcomes of liberalizing reforms in Myanmar demonstrated that the political opening has been completely guided, controlled and constrained by the military. Some of his articles were included in the required reading list of political science courses in universities around the world (e.g. Heidelberg, London School of Economics (LSE), National University of Singapore, Toronto, Oslo).

2017 PVC Commendation for Excellence in Performance by Professional Staff

Professional HEW 7 and above

Cheong Pooi Wah
Pooi Wah took on a leadership role in the relocation of the Clinical School Johor Bahru library, streamlining processes, re-allocating staff to strategic areas and fine tuning the library management system to improve collection selection and acquisitions.