2019 PVC Awards Winners and Commendations

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2019 PVC Awards for Excellence in Education

Outstanding Educator

Associate Professor Jane Terpstra Tong
Jane has demonstrated excellent all-round performance in education enhancement through outstanding teaching, innovations in curriculum design and her dedication in supporting student learning. She has played a strong leadership role in enhancing the education offerings of the School of Business, focusing her efforts on “lighting the fire of learning” among her students. One of her most notable innovations is the Career and Professional Development Program which enables students to develop an employability edge and a lifelong learning mindset. Her dedication to supporting student learning goes beyond classroom teaching as evidenced in her mentorship of a group of students in the HSBC Case Competition who went on to win the first runner-up title for this competition.

Innovations in Teaching

Associate Professor Amudha Kadirvelu
Amudha has demonstrated excellent education leadership in the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Particularly notable is her contribution to developing and implementing interprofessional education between Medicine and Pharmacy students. This work has attracted considerable interest from Monash University in Australia and other universities in Malaysia. Working with a number of collaborators, Amudha has made significant contributions towards the development and successful implementation of a collaborative care curriculum. Amudha has also taken important initiatives in program development, active learning, education governance and accreditation.

Innovations in Teaching - Team

Dr Lim Jen Nee Jones, Dr Mohd Zulhilmi Paiz Bin Ismadi and Dr Chiew Yeong Shiong
This team implemented flipped learning and team-teaching approaches in a multidisciplinary engineering unit to enhance student learning. Innovate teaching and learning activities, including a design and build competition, have had a positive impact on student satisfaction and academic performance. Use of a social media platform has encouraged collaborative learning and peer mentoring. The team’s efforts have also generated several publications and student design projects have won recognition in external competitions.

2019 PVC Awards for Excellence in Research

Early Career

Dr Saman Ilankoon
Saman exhibited outstanding research activities and outcomes through high impact publications, a demonstrated track record of obtaining funding and extensive international collaborations. His research is acknowledged by many international peers, evidenced by several international and national awards and regular invitations to present at major conferences.

Open Category

Associate Professor Narayanan Ramakrishnan
Narayanan demonstrated strong research outputs in broad research activities including high impact publications, postgraduate student supervision, multiple external grant success, industry linkages, industry awards and recognitions and more. He was the first Prototype Research Grant Scheme (PRGS) recipient in Monash University Malaysia and have won many innovation awards. His inventions have attracted great interest from the industry, which could potentially lead to commercialisation of the developed technology.

Postgraduate Research Supervision

Associate Professor Adeline Ting Su Yien
Adeline believes that inspiration works both ways; she is inspired by the learning capacity of young researchers, while aspiring to be a role model to her team. She is highly involved and enthusiastic about her students’ well-being, experience and talent development. In the last 5 years, her students published 20 journal articles, 5 book chapters, 30 conference outputs, and were awarded 2 external research grants.

2019 PVC Awards for Excellence in Performance by Professional Staff

Professional Team

Chandra A/P Nadrajah, Umavathy A/P Sevesankaran, Muhamad Azwan Bin Md Yasin and Khogilaraj N. Supramaniam
This team was responsible for the development of work processes that were required in managing the Interactive and Integrated Timetabling system (IIT). The IIT is an innovative tool addressing the automation of a long-standing manual process with the necessary efficiencies built in to ensure a rationalised process. The implementation of this tool resulted in highly improved work efficiency and service excellence.

Kong Li San, Tan Pei Jean, Devi A/P Arunasalam, Linda Patricia Anthony Faleel and Lucy Oon Soo Sai
This team created a database on research output that resulted in improved work efficiencies,  increased support for researchers and HDR students and improved research planning and resource allocation. The database is an innovative and important tool that has helped researchers, and the school more broadly keep track of its research outputs. The project spin-off effect contributed to a 40% increase in publication count for the School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

2019 PVC Commendation for Excellence in Education

Innovations in Teaching

Dr Priyia A/P Pusparajah
Priyia conceptualised, designed and delivered classes integrating basic and clinical sciences in an active learning style aimed at improving students’ learning experience as well as outcomes. She has led a number of teaching innovations with regards to active learning including “Concept Consolidation” which is critical in helping students understand various concepts and how these concepts tie in together in the medical program.

Innovations in Teaching - Team

Associate Professor Uma Devi M.Palanisamy, Associate Professor Arkendu Sen, Associate Professor Rakesh Naidu A/L Kuppusamy Naidu, Muhamad Azwan Bin Md Yasin and Chandra A/P Nadrajah
This team developed the Integrated and Interactive Timetable (IIT) for medical students, a strong technical solution that enhances educational experience targeting the current generation of self-directed and informal learners (Gen Z). This innovative tool provides the novelty of personalised learning, seamless access and interaction with all learning resources and, is accessible through any mobile device.

2019 PVC Commendation for Excellence in Research

Open Category

Dr Lee Learn Han
Learn Han exhibited an excellent publication record and a strong focus on collaborative work with his colleagues as well as with external universities. He has established a regular Journal Club with the intention of increasing staff engagement in his work and to support young researchers.

2019 PVC Commendation for Excellence in Performance by Professional Staff

Professional Team

Gaithri A/P Gunasagran, Irdawani Binti Mohamad Selamat, Jeevetha A/P Subramaniam, Jocelyn Fam Suet Fong, Kamani A/P Kamalagaran and Tan Siao Ping
This team established the “3S, Double E” model approach to ensure successful execution of the MyRA internal audit. As a result of this initiative, the secretarial team for the MyRA internal audit received a 100% level of satisfaction from the MyRA internal auditors.