Accounting and finance

Dr Teh Chee Ghee Credit management, auditing, financial reporting and corporate disclosure, Asian business strategy and strategic planning
Dr Foo Yee Boon Corporate disclosure, corporate governance and capital market
Dr Jothee Sinnakkannu Capital market price behaviour and international finance
Dr Mohammed Sharaf Shaiban Stock price informativeness and Islamic finance and banking
Dr Ravichandran SubramaniamCorporate Governance; Behavioral Finance; Corporate Social Reporting; Auditing; Financial Technology & Banking with special focus on regulation & risk management
Dr Sockalingam R Ramasamy Capital market, banking and poverty.
Dr Sa'adiah Munir Corporate governance, family business and earnings quality
Dr Ananda Samudhram Financial reporting, Islamic banking and finance
Ms Aniza Zainol Accounting, social accounting and Islamic accounting
Ms Jeyanthi Selvarajah Financial accounting issues and related accounting standards and finance (inclusive of microfinance)
Dr Norita Mohd Nasir Corporate environmentalism
Dr Pak Mei Sen Financial accounting, corporate finance, corporate governance
Ms Shyamala Dhoraisingam Samuel Corporate governance, corporate finance, sustainability practices
Professor Keshab Shrestha Asset pricing, financial risk management, financial econometrics
Dr Lee Mei Yee Financial accounting and reporting, auditing, capital market, stock price informativeness
Dr Liang Zhang Empirical finance, international finance, capital market
Dr Puspavathy Rassiah Financial accounting, management accounting, performance management
Dr Siew Eu-Gene Accounting information systems, web mining (blog classification and sentiment analysis), data mining
Dr Yessy Peranginangin Market microstructure, foreign investors in emerging markets, personal finance
Dr Tee Chwee Ming Corporate finance, derivatives, financial management, financial markets and institutions, international finance, portfolio management, treasury management

Business law and taxation

Professor Jeyapalan Kasipillai Tax compliance, measurement of hidden economy, distributive effects of goods and services tax, environmental taxation, Islamic taxation
Dr Abdul Majid Defamation, employment law, contract law, corporate governance
Dr Adnan Trakic Islamic banking law, law of contract
Associate Professor Shanthy Rachagan (Adjunct) Corporate law, corporate governance, finance
Dr Loganathan Krishnan Company law, constitutional law
Ms Priya Sharma Business law
Dr Thaatchaayini Socio legal studies, international law, equity and trust
Dr Veerinderjeet Singh (Adjunct)
Dr Gan Joo EeHospitality and tourism law, employment law, human resource management in the hospitality industry, tourism governance, sustainable tourism framework and practices

Econometrics and business statistics

Assoc Professor Santha Vaithilingam Banking and economic growth
Dr Jason Ng Wei Jian Methodological aspects of econometrics, applied work in the area of financial development
Professor Mahendhiran Nair Econometrics/information modelling, development economics.
Dr Thangarajah M Thiyagarajan  Business and economic statistics
Dr Akram Hasanov Time series analysis and forecasting, applied macro econometrics, volatility modelling of financial and commodity returns
Mr Chun Min Soo Econometrics, statistics, happiness studies
Ms Elsa Phung Yet Chin Knowledge management, data mining, artificial intelligence
Dr Ewilly Liew Jie Ying Technology, economics of social network, knowledge management, creativity, behavioural research, applied econometrics (multivariate, cross-sectional, time-lagged analysis)
Mr Nazirul Hazim Econometrics, statistics, monetary policy, Islamic finance, entrepreneurship, startup ecosystem
Dr Prabahkaran Narayanan Financial socialisation, corporate finance, corporate governance


Professor Eduard J Bomhoff Monetary macroeconomics and economic growth
Associate Professor Grace Lee Hooi Yean Monetary economics, international economics, labour economics
Associate Professor Gareth David Leeves (Adjunct) Labour economics, education economics, economics of migration and remittances
Professor Gamini Herath Environmental economics, institutional change, globalization, Asian economic development
Associate Professor Dr Poon Wai ChingApplied economics, Malaysian economy, institutional economics, financial development and innovation
Dr Shahriar Kabir Trade and economic integration, currency union, energy economics, Dutch disease
Dr Ashutosh Sarker Experimental economics, neuroeconomics, institutional economics, common pool resources, environmental economics
Dr Audrey Siah Kim Lan International economics, labour economics, development economics
Dr Koh Geok May Income inequality, economic integration, ASEAN economy


Professor John Benson Human resource management and employment relations in Australia, Japan and China with a strong focus on workplace issues such as management-unions relations, firm and employee performance, employee voice, generations, and the impact of economic reform.
Professor Pervaiz Ahmed Management of innovation, knowledge and learning, strategy, implementation and internal marketing, business governance and ethics, corporate social responsibility, business process management, performance measurement
Dr Manjit Singh Sandhu Internationalisation of firms, knowledge sharing, entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility
Dr Au Wee Chan Work-life balance and organisational human resource practices within emerging country settings
Dr Elaine Chew Yin Teng Cross-border business venture, strategic human resource management, organisational behaviours and psychological contract
Dr Esther Chong Yit Sean Services marketing and organisational psychology
Dr Patricia Lau Human resource development in the Malaysian context, transfer of training to the workplace, organisational culture and the learning organisation, organisational commitment, organisational citizenship behaviour and turnover intention, learning and teaching approaches in higher education institutions
Associate Professor Teh Pei Lee Total quality management, technology management, management information systems, knowledge management, innovation and learning
Associate Professor Jane Terpstra Tong Cross-cultural management, China’s enterprise reform and associated management issues
Ms Adlina Ahmad Ethical leadership, Islamic leadership and multinational enterprises operations in Malaysia
Associate Professor Motoki Watabe Social psychology, organisational behaviour, social neuroscience, cultural psychology, evolutionary psychology, emergence of cooperation, trust and sense of fairness, microglia and social behaviour, interpersonal relationship and mental health in workplace
Dr Erhan AtayStrategic management, human resource management in Pacific countries, national HR systems, cross cultural management


Associate Professor Paul Yeow E-business (e-commerce), information systems, information science, consumer behaviour, human factor (human computer interaction) and operations management (ergonomics)
Professor Christina Lee Consumer behaviour, specifically family decision making, self and identity, self referencing and self construal, and its application to social marketing and sustainable consumption
Assoc Professor Yunus Ali International joint venture, international market entry, export promotion programs, relationship marketing
Dr Ghazala Khan Consumer behaviour, particularly in the areas of consumer socialisation, fashion marketing, and Islamic marketing
Associate Professor Brian Low B2B marketing management, B2B customer relationship management, industrial networks, marketing in emerging economies
Dr Fandy Tjiptono Brand longevity, consumer ethics, marketing in emerging markets, consumer complaining behaviour
Dr Vimala Kunchamboo Consumer behaviour, particularly responsible consumption, environmental behaviour and marketing, interpretive qualitative research
Ms Juliana French Marketing consumer behaviour
Dr Ewe Soo YeongConsumer behavior (consumer decision making, financial decision making), experimental approach, SEM