Chemical Engineering

Prof. Chan Eng SengFabrication and characterization of spherical hydrogels as immobilization and adsorbent materials for applications in food and bioproducts processing, controlled-delivery of active materials, biofuel production, bioseparation, wastewater and water treatments
Prof Tey Beng TiBioprocess engineering, bioseparation engineering, fermentation technology, animal cell culture technology, environmental biotechnology
A/Prof. Chai Siang PiaoCatalysis and reaction engineering, photocatalysis for energy and environmental applications, carbon dioxide adsorption and utilization, membrane technology, natural gas processing technology, surface engineering
A/Prof. Wu Ta YeongWaste management, cleaner production, environmental biotechnology, bioprocess technology, food bioprocessing, industrial biotechnology, membrane technology, agricultural science and engineering
A/Prof. Meng Nan ChongNanotechnology, Environmental Photocatalysis, Sustainable & Water Technology, Water Resources Management, Sustainability
Dr Estee YongDirect Carbon Fuel Cell, Separation using Hollow Fiber
Dr R Nagasundara RamananBiomolecular Engineering, Fermentation, Bioseparation, Bioprocess Modelling, Bioactive compounds
Dr Poh Phaik EongWater and wastewater treatment, anaerobic digestion, greywater treatment, anaerobic reactor design
Dr Edward Ooi Chien WeiBioseparation and bioprocess engineering, In situ product recovery in bioprocess, Enzyme technology
Dr Babak SalamatiNano-Material, Adsorption, Catalyst, Renewable energy, Biodiesel, sustainability
Dr Irene ChewProcess integration for resource conservation and waste minimisation
Synthesis of environmental friendly nanomaterial, nano-pickering emulsion
Dr. Poovarasi BalanCorrosion science and engineering, sol-gel coatings and carbon nanotubes
Dr. Patrick Tang Siah YingCavitation technology, colloids, emulsions, micro/nanoencapsulation of plant actives, controlled and targeted drug delivery
Dr. Saman IlankoonMultiphase flow behaviour in mineral extraction systems, Hydrodynamics in trickle bed reactors,Non-invasive flow visualization in packed bed systems, Solid waste management
Dr. Syed TauqirThermodynamic description of processes,LNG, thermal energy conversion, renewable energy, fluid phase behaviours and measurements of thermophysical properties  of multi component hydrocarbons at cryogenic temperature and high pressure.
Dr. Ho Yong KuenPopulation Balances, Metabolic Modelling, Advanced Process Control, System Identification, Optimization
Dr. Lee Chern LeingColloid and Surface Chemistry,  Microencapsulation of Phase Change Materials, Superhydrophoic Coating, Thermodynamics of Colloid and Polymer Mixtures.

Civil Engineering

Prof. Khu Soon-ThiamIntegrated Urban Water Infrastructure Design and modelling; real-time flood forecasting; Water Sensitive Urban Cities design; water distribution network modelling; drainage modelling; optimisation; applications of Artificial Intelligence to Water management;
Dr. Amin TaleiReal-time Flood Forecasting, Rainfall-Runoff modeling, Application of Artificial Intelligence in hydrological modeling, Sustainable Drainage Systems, Biofiltration Systems
Dr. M.E. RaghunandanSoil dynamics and geotechnical earthquake engineering; Behaviour of soil under pavements and machine foundation
Ground improvement; Environmental Geotechnology; Geo-hydrological behaviour of clays and mine tailings
Dr. Ahmad MousaSoil Characterization, numerical simulation in geomechanics, mechanics of fines migration in geologic media, use of nano materials in geotechnical applications
Dr. Daniel KongCement and concrete material science; Deterioration modelling and vulnerability assessment of seaport infrastructure due to climate change; Reaction kinetics and microstructural development of geopolymeric systems; Concrete under elevated temperature; Corrosion in concrete
Dr. Kong Sih YingApplication of GFRP in Civil structures, prestressed concrete structures, phase change materials in concrete
Dr. SusilawatiTravel time prediction, reliability and variability analysis based on adapatie traffic control parameters, large scale road network vulnerability modelling.
Dr. Sina AlaghmandFlood risk management, SW-GW interaction, Hydrological and Hydraulic Modeling
Dr. Vivi AnggrainiGeofibres/geosynthetic in landfill; Clay liners;Geotechnical properties of soft soils; Nanoparticles in fibres reinforced soil; Earth reinforced structures; Ground improvement (rigid inclusions); Environmental geotechnics
Dr. Xu YangSustainable pavement materials and construction technology; Numerical simulation using discrete element method; Pavement mechanistic-empirical design

Electrical and Computer System Engineering

A/Prof. Lan Boon LeongBiomedical Engineering, Dynamics of Biological Systems, Fundamental Physics
A/Prof. Rajendran Parthiban Visible light communication (Li-Fi) and positioning, cost and energy comparison of various optical network architectures, application of light in Internet of Things (IoT), pricing and resource allocation in cloud/grid computing
Dr Vineetha KalavallyModeling of Raman amplifiers, Hybrid Amplifiers, Solid State Lighting, Quality of Light, Non-Visual Effects of Light
Dr Kuang Ye ChowMachine learning, signal processing, pattern recognition, applied statistics, test and measurement
Dr N RamakrishnanMEMS, Acoustic wave sensors and devices, Nanostructured sensing medium,UV LED Lithography, Electronic Instrumentation
Dr. Masud BakaulOptoelectronics, optical communications and networks, broadband access networks, microwave photonics, silicon (nano-) photonics,visible light communications (Li-Fi), millimeter-wave/THz communications, 5G wireless, IoT enabling technologies, and photonics for biomedical applications
Dr. Mohamed Hisham JawardImage processing, computer vision and bio-medical image processing
Dr. Liang Shiuan-NiBiomedical Engineering, Biophysics, Nonlinear Dynamics
Dr. Ajay Achath MohananSurface acoustic waves (SAW), MEMS based sensors, on-chip growth of nanostuctures as SAW sensing medium
Dr. Maxine TanQuantitative medical image processing/analysis, Biomedical image analysis, Computer-Aided Detection/Diagnosis (CAD), Machine learning, Feature classification and modeling, Evolutionary Algorithms
Ir. Dr. Joanne Lim Mun YeeVehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET), Mobile IPv6 based networks, Artificial intelligence, Control systems, Optimization schemes, Robotics design, Renewable energy and applications.
Dr. Patrick Ho Wan ChuanNon-volatile resistive swtiching devices, emerging non-volatile memories, simulation and application of memristors, embedded hardware, VLSI and FPGA.

Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Soh Ai KahConstitutive theory and toughening mechanisms of advanced materials; micro/nano mechanics of deformation and fracture; electromagnetic solid mechanics; multi-scale modelling
Professor Anthony GuoVibration & stress waves, ultrasound, NDT/SHM, piezoelectric transducers, smart materials and structures, sensors and actuators, nanofluids,
Dr Kenny TanComputational fluid dynamics, flow around bluff bodies, swirling flows, bio-fluid mechanics
A/Prof. Hung Yew MunMicroscale heat transfer; electronics cooling; functional nanomaterials for heat transfer; nanofluids.
Dr Pooria PasbakhshSelf-healing of polymer composites, electrospinning and electrospraying, fabrication and characterization of polymer nanocomposites, biopolymers for water filtration, food packaging, drug delivery and tissue engineering, halloysite nanotubes as additives and containers, sustainable engineering with nanomaterials, 3D printing of polymer composites.
Dr. Lau Ee VonSoil remediation, oil spill, flotation, separation, microbubbles, heat transfer, ionic wind
Dr Darwin GouwandaInstrumentation, signal processing and human motion analysis
Dr Varghese SwamyNanoscale materials (‘energy’ and ‘green’ materials TiO2, Si, C, hybrid metalorganicperovskites), devices (solar cells, sensors), nano-bio applications, advanced characterizations (synchrotron methods and spectroscopy): size, shape, and strain of nanomaterials, nanophysical and nanomechanical properties, phase transitions, in situ characterizations, materials under extreme conditions (stress/temperature/size/chemistry), sustainable processing of materials, computational modelling of materials (thermodynamic, atomistic, and first principles calculations)
Dr. Tan Ming KwangMicrofluidics, Lab on Chip applications, transport and manipulation of fluids using high frequency acoustic waves, manipulation of microparticles
Dr. Foo Ji JinnThermal management, turbulent flow, biophysics of cell shape, cell mechanics, image processing
Dr. Chang Wei SeaOxide thin films and nanostructures for photocatalyst and solar cell applications, Nanoscale characterization for multiferroic/ferroelectric materials
Dr. Ooi Ean HinBiomedical engineering, Biophysics and Physiological Modelling, Ocular Biomechanics, Thermal Ablation Treatment, Mathematical and Computational Modelling
Dr. Lim Jen Nee JonesEngineering education, blended learning, flipped learning.
Dr. Surya NurzamanBio-inspired robotics, soft robotics, embodied intelligence, mophological computation, dynamical systems
Dr. Chiew Yeong ShiongBiomedical engineering, Physiological modelling, Model-based therapy, Intensive care research, Clinical trial, System design and development
Dr. Arshad SalemaBiomass, Bioenergy, Thermo-chemical process, Feedstock engineering, Microwave thermal processing, Renewable energy, fuels and chemicals, Process design and product development, Waste, Energy management, Sustainability
Dr. Manh-Vu TranFundamental combustion including flame structure, flame extinction, flame stabilization, burning velocity, cellular formation, explosion, emissions, electric fields assisted combustion, edge-flame, combustion diagnostics, and alternative fuels; Heat transfer; Two-phase flow.
Dr. V. VenkateshMulti-physics modeling of Lithium ion batteries, Finite element modeling of metallic alloys for applications in biomedical engineering, Nanomechanics and modeling using first principle calculations (MD simulations and Ab initio techniques), Multi-disciplinary optimization.
Dr Wang XinNon-destructive testing and measurement, structure health monitoring, optical metrology, laser sensing, laser damage

Mechatronic Engineering

A/Prof. Tan Chee Pin (Edwin)Observers and their applications, State estimation, Fault detection and reconstruction
Professor S G PonnambalamModeling and analysis of manufacturing systems, Lean and Green manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Metaheuristics, Optimization, Machine Learning, SwarmRobotics
Dr S Parasuraman Robotics, BioMechanics and BioMedical Engineering, Human Spine Mechanics, Engineering in Healthcare System, Human Motion Tracking and Analysis, Rehabiltation Robotcs, Humanoid Robotics, Artificial Intelligence.
Dr. Veera Ragavan S.Telematics, M2M, robot navigation, robotics software, mechatronic system design, embedded software development for automation and consumer electronics, software for factory automation, system integration for industrial automation and control engineering
Dr Madhavan ShanmugavelPath/Trajectory design, planning, tracking, & following, and control of Vehicles, UAVs and Robots. Special-purpose Mechatronics & Robotics (Power-line inspection, docking system, Flapping wing). Geometric, & Dynamic Modelling, Data analytics & IOT, Design of experiments.
Dr. Alpha Agape GopalaiInstrumentation/ signal processing for human motion analysis and rehabilitation engineering.
Dr. Md Abdus Samad KamalIntelligent Transportation Systems, Model predictive control, Autonomous driving, Traffic control, Reinforcement learning, Vehicle and traffic control, nonlinear and hybrid optimization, Internet of things.
Mr Khoo Boon HowSoft Robotics, TRIZ: Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, Engineering Education