Dr Simon Egerton

Artificial intelligence, information and network security, operating systems / computer systems and Unix tools computer programming.

Dr Anuja Dharmaratne Digital Image Processing, Game based Education, Serious games, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Computational Geometry, ICT for Society and Health.
Dr Daniel Bo-Wei Chen Data analytics, machine learning and sensor networks.
Dr Anushia Information retrieval and domain specific information retrieval techniques, interactive information searching and user studies, medical searching, consumer informatics and health Informatics.
Dr Nik Nailah binti Abdullah Formalization of communications from a human activity perspectives based on situated cognition, activity theory, with combination of language theories, in the context of collaboration (co-located, and mediated by tools).
Dr Sylvester Olubolu Orimaye Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning with emphasis on semantic understanding from text. Application of Natural Language Processing for predicting Mild Cognitive
Impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer's disease (AD) using linguistic biomarkers. Pattern Mining, Data Mining, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence.
Dr Mohammad Reza Zare Pattern Recognition, Content-based Image Retrieval Techniques, Feature Extraction Techniques, Medical Image Processing, Supervised and Unsupervised Classification Techniques.
Dr Imran Ghani Software Quality Management, Software Process, Agile Methods, Requirement Engineering, Communication, Coordination and Collaboration Issues in Software Development, Software Testing, Global Software Development, Software Engineering Education, Semantic Web, Enterprise Architecture Management and Software Security.
Dr. Masoud Shakiba Internet of Things (IOT); RFID Technology; RFID Tag Estimation Methods; Anti-Collision Algorithms; Smart Cities; Wireless Sensor Networks; Theory of Computation.
Dr. Muhammad Fermi Pasha Machine Learning, Evolving System, Adaptive Network Security and Traffic Analysis, Software Engineering, Neuroimaging, Big Data in Healthcare, Medical Image Analysis Platform, Healthcare and Radiology IT.
Dr. Noor Hasrina Bakar Natural Language Processing in Requirements Engineering, Requirements Engineering for Software Product Lines, Systematic Literature Reviews in Software Engineering and Empirical Software Engineering.