Global Asia in the 21st Century

Monash Malaysia - GA21In the modern world, Asia features prominently on the global stage – be it in the shape of social, economic, cultural, religious, political or technological change. This coming of age, increasingly called the “Asia Turn”, defines the focus of the Global Asia in the 21st Century (GA21) research platform. GA21 takes a leading role in identifying and researching key issues that impact Asia, its communities and beyond. It locates ‘Asia in the Global’ and the ‘Global in Asia’ through a multidisciplinary focus on people, organisations and society.

Research clusters

Market Analytics
Explores the intersectionality between markets, industry and society to understand behaviours for improving the socioeconomic well-being of communities and countries in the Asian region. This cluster focuses on how Asian firms interact with and respond to the dynamics of changing market structures. It studies consumer behaviour within specific institutional, national and regional socio-political contexts using empirical methods to understand how these dynamics impact societies in the region and globally.

Core expertise and capabilities:

  • Behaviour of Consumers, Firms and Society
  • Data Analytics for Decision-Making
  • Innovation and Industry Competitiveness

Sustainable Development
Focuses on economic growth and development that is socially inclusive, environmentally benign and prosperous for society. The cluster promotes sustainable development in Asia by integrating economic, environmental and social dimensions of development to enhance awareness amongst researchers, policy makers and the general public.

Core expertise and capabilities:

  • Sustainable Development
  • Poverty, Income Inequality and Climate Change
  • Pollution and Natural Resource Scarcity

Society and Culture
Asian societies are undergoing rapid change in their social and cultural spheres. These rapid and often multiple transformations put Asian societies under tremendous pressures to adapt to the challenges of regionalisation and globalisation. This research cluster looks into the dynamic formation of social and cultural change, actors and coalitions involved, and the newly emerging forms of governance.

Core expertise and capabilities:

  • Social and Cultural Change
  • Human Rights, Gender, Citizenship and Freedom
  • Social Novements and Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs)
  • Politics and Governance

Halal Ecosystem
Researchers of this cluster are committed to working with individuals, institutes and nation states for the betterment and benefit of global society. The cluster aims to shape policies and programs for the nurturance of vibrant national halal ecosystems, and advance understanding through a process of conducting rigorous research on a wide range of issues impacting Muslims and Muslim societies and their interactions with broader global society.

Core expertise and capabilities:

  • Holistic Understanding of the Halal Ecosystem
  • Halal as Driver of Economic Development
  • Marketing and Branding for Halal  Consumer Markets

Health and Wellbeing
This multidisciplinary cluster examines health and wellbeing in the workplace, rural villages and urban cities, family health and aging in relation to culture, globalisation and societal changes. It also explores traditional or indigenous medicines in relation to culture and religion.

Core expertise and capabilities:

  • Communicable and Noncommunicable Diseases
  • Drug Discovery and Development
  • Psychology and Counseling
  • Global Health and Evidence Synthesis
  • Work, Wellness and Stress

Science, Technology and Society
Science and technology interact with and shape society in a complex dynamic manner and enable corporations, social groups and individuals to connect with and create novel and transformative experiences. Advances in science and technology increasingly define the nature of life, work and play. Researchers in this cluster explore transformative changes taking place across a vast range of arenas, from mundane automation of daily chores to complete re-imagination of social spaces, economic activity and life.

Core expertise and capabilities:

  • Social Networks and Media Communications
  • Technology, Science and Health
  • Industry Transformation Through Advanced Technologies
  • Technology and Economic Development

Key expertise

The platform supports diverse research clusters where communities of multidisciplinary scholars come together to establish and critically interrogate research themes that explore Asia’s economic, social, political and social emergence on the global platform.

Specialist services

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